An idea to allow all characters to be competitive (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 19 2005 11:01 AM EDT

I hope this topic will stay constructive and not devolve into a NUB/VUB mud fling.

I'm a big fan of the RoE, its concept and implementation. I think with a few slight modifications, to both it and the NUB, we could make all characters truly competitive, no matter when they were created, while encouraging new and existing players to fight to the top!

First, the RoE.

Modify the way it gains bonus XP to make it a ratio of the wearing characters (not minion) MPR compared to the number one MPR in the game. The number one MPR if using a RoE would gain a slight amount of extra XP, while a starting character would gain a lot more bonus XP. (The XP a RoE grants will still only go to the minion equipping the Rune, and is not influenced by wacky XP time)

Secondly, the NUB.

Keep the increased rewards to XP and Cash granted by the NUB as is. The only change would be to keep the bonus XP from the NUB and RoE separate and only allow one form of bonuse XP to be rewarded each fight (if A New User decided to use a RoE in their NUB time). They would get the highest bonus granted from the two options.

This amendment gives everyone the option of being able to fight their way to the top, but at a cost. You lose time fighting that could have been going towards raising a Tattoo. Of course, you could just buy a large Tattoo, but anyone can do that anyway (Or just buy a large character)… Without a Tattoo to help and the minion wearing the RoE unable to wear Body armour or a cloak, fighting up will become ever more difficult. But if you persevere you will be greatly rewarded.

There is still a NUB to help introduce newer users to the game and not force them to purchase supportership but now everyone can make a strategic choice to boost their XP gain for a while.

You still have to fight and win to gain the Bonus XP (Maybe even tweak the RoE not to give anything on a Draw). When it get's difficult, what do you do; Equip a RoE to try and pass the MPR of your opponents, weakening your team to them, or keep your team strong and try to out fight them?


WeaponX October 19 2005 11:06 AM EDT

doesn't work. why you ask? no top level char can fight without a tattoo in battle

QBOddBird October 19 2005 11:08 AM EDT

/me intends to try and prove that wrong later. Tattoos are complementary, not necessities. (Though they are incredibly powerful and useful, I think that your strategy shouldn't be based on an item.) I think its a pretty fair idea, GL.

QBsutekh137 October 19 2005 11:47 AM EDT

Mega, you somewhat support GL's point as I see it... As you get higher up, you would likely ditch the RoE anyway because the bonus it would offer would become less and less (under GL's idea).

But maybe you were making a different point, a very good one: where would big tattoos come from? A LOT of folks would forego raising a normal tattoo to use the RoE. Wouldn't high-end tattoos get more and more rare? Maybe that isn't a problem, but it seems somewhat an issue if a lot of folks ride an RoE way up and then find a huge dearth of appropriate tattoos...

As always, though, an interesting idea! *smile*

WeaponX October 19 2005 11:50 AM EDT

exactly my point Sutekh

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 19 2005 11:56 AM EDT

And all part of my idea. :)

Instead of the vast mahoirty of teams with a near equal Tattoo, those that took the time and efort to raise one will have a large one. Those that wanted to catch up, wouldn't.

People would still be competitive and large tattoos become rarer and more valuable.

You're choice. Want to level a massive tattoo ithout having to buy one, or want to try your best to get to the top?

Can you imagine Ranger, Mikel, or anyone else at the top ditching the near 1 Mil tattoos? Could they become sucessful without them?


QBRanger October 19 2005 12:33 PM EDT

/me shakes his head, muttering as he walks away; "had chance, blew it"; over and over and over again.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 19 2005 12:39 PM EDT

Oh you touch this one with a barge pole though! ;)

QBsutekh137 October 19 2005 1:10 PM EDT

Agreed, GL, I see your point, but worry that those established with a large tattoo will have more of an advantage here. That is not necessarily bad: a slight reward for a veteran. Just wanted to raise the point and confirm what Mega was saying...

IndependenZ October 19 2005 1:52 PM EDT

Won't new players with a NUB be able to raise high tattoos? If they choose for the NUB instead of the RoE? Or am I missing something?

Sounds to me like older players will get a choice with this: A higher MPR or a higher tattoo? I like the idea though.

Elf X.7plus35k October 19 2005 2:15 PM EDT

/me giggles at Ranger and mutters he knows better than to argue with me ;) but yeah cook idea GL :D

Mikel October 19 2005 6:01 PM EDT

I'll take MPR over a Tattoo any day. :)
PS I already ditched my 1 mil level Tattoo.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 19 2005 7:24 PM EDT

Inde, yeah, New Users would get the chance to raise a tattoo. But that's only Fair. We all had that chance. :) When their NUB runs out, and they find themselves at number 20, they then get the choice of keeping their big tat, or using a RoE to try and close the MPR gap, with a now weaker team. :)
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