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Elf X.7plus35k November 2 2005 11:59 AM EST

Yep you guessed it, Tis that time of year. I'm looking for a name that incorporates the word ELF in some way shape or form (yes as a whole word) the thought was a new name for Christmas....The prize you ask?
Anywhere between 3,000 for the name I pick as the winner. How long will the contest run? Until i find a name that suits me. :P

As a side note if you think you have a good name that doesn't use elf go ahead and submit it as an option it will also be considered.

Any questions feel free to ask.
Have fun with this peeps!! :)

{CB1ate}aupStar November 2 2005 8:32 PM EST


maulaxe November 2 2005 8:44 PM EST


the elf before christmas

letters of elfabet

Special J November 2 2005 8:44 PM EST

Educated Lingering Felon

Adrian Exodus November 2 2005 8:50 PM EST

merriest little elf in texas <maybe change to proper state/country>

IndependenZ November 2 2005 8:54 PM EST

"Elfis"! Thank you, thank you very much. =D

Relic November 2 2005 8:56 PM EST

Helfino :P

48Zach November 2 2005 9:09 PM EST

" For he's a jolly good Elfooo"

how bout " Ye old Elfe "

Victimizer November 2 2005 10:36 PM EST

nuF evoL sevlE or flE elttiL ynnuF

Thraklight Resonance November 2 2005 11:15 PM EST


Sorry, I seem to have a bit of an accent today.

Elf X.7plus35k November 2 2005 11:17 PM EST

So far so good I've found two i like keep them comming perhaps in another day or two i'll reward the two and let someone combine them for me (don't hold me to this just thinking out loud ;))

QBOddBird November 3 2005 1:19 AM EST

Elven Anna


[][][][]ELF[][][][] (for you, Bast.)

73H Ub3r 3LF (for you, IA.)

IloveOddbird[elf] (for you, me.)

I don't know, but these sound good to me. Especially the last one. I think you should pick it. Do it.

And don't send me any money if I win, the fact that I am dead sexy is reward enough. Just ask mrwuss, he'll totally back me up on that statement.

Biscuitback November 3 2005 2:08 AM EST

how about

candy elf
jolly elf
holy elf

maulaxe November 3 2005 3:26 AM EST

Elfin Lied

A Pair of Elfen Boots
A Pair of Elfen Gloves
An Elfen Cloak

Maelstrom November 4 2005 12:09 AM EST

Dark Elf
Grey Elf
Wood Elf
Sylvan Elf
High Elf
Elf Queen

Santa's Elf
X-mas Elf
Elven Helper
Elven Slave

Naughty Little Elf?
A Pointy Elf Boot?
An Elven Long Bow?
Extremely Lovely Female?

Austinator November 4 2005 2:56 PM EST

Depressed Elf
Atumun Elf
Ann Elf

heavyhits November 4 2005 3:05 PM EST

How About:


I ate 3 bean and cheese Taco melts last night, now I have to take a hefty ELF. ??

I'd like a quarter pounder with cheese....hold the elf.

Christmas theme......Rood elf the red nosed reindeer....

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] November 4 2005 5:20 PM EST

Santa's Little Helper

Elf X.7plus35k November 4 2005 9:44 PM EST

I decided to leave this open for the weekend yet so sometime monday when i get to it i'll close the contest.

as it stands now there are 3 winners (i've decided to combine 3 names so far)

Untouchable November 4 2005 10:44 PM EST

Relftic Anna_The Advisor

48Zach November 5 2005 7:13 AM EST

Elfan Miraculous

AdminShade November 5 2005 7:17 AM EST

Elfish Ann
Elven Ann
Autumn Elf

AdminNightStrike November 5 2005 2:22 PM EST

Why not just... "Elf"

AdminNightStrike November 5 2005 2:22 PM EST

Or you could rip off some great authors... "Tanis Half-Elven"

Pummel November 8 2005 12:32 AM EST

Just to keep it nice and simple


AdminShade November 8 2005 5:21 AM EST

<joke> i'd say iloveOddBird[Cute]ELF would be a good name for you </joke>

Elf X.7plus35k November 8 2005 4:24 PM EST

and the winners are as follows...
ducky(better known as oddbird to most) with 3k (who also said he didn't want money i suppose my name makes up for it anyway :P)
and in second place we have a tie for 2k each: independenz and duredhel
which leaves everyone else with 1k each (not per entry not per suggestion, but 1k per person. I'll be sending you all your $ to your highest pr char
contratz everyone!!

Ilovehellokitty November 8 2005 4:29 PM EST

I know what it meant when a guy love himself :P

IndependenZ November 8 2005 6:51 PM EST

Cool! Thank you, thank you very much, iloveOddBird[Cute]ELF! ;)

Elf X.7plus35k November 8 2005 7:08 PM EST

your so welcome independenz :P

Victimizer November 8 2005 9:40 PM EST

thank you it was a fun contest

heavyhits November 8 2005 11:57 PM EST

Thank you for the CB$....hope it helped

Elf X.7plus35k November 9 2005 9:31 AM EST

well i think it helped; although now i seem more confused than ever meh thanks again people :D
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