Remember, Remember the fifth of November! (in Off-topic)

Trillian November 5 2005 1:40 PM EST

As a resident of York, birth place of Guy Fawkes, I wish all you UK-ers a good night on this 400th anniversary!

Play safe people :)

AdminShade November 5 2005 2:07 PM EST

happy Guy Fawkes day Trillian (or at least happy 400th anniversary)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 5 2005 2:56 PM EST

:) Tonight they are blowing up (or have already) the exact amount of gunpowder that was used in the gunpowder plot.

Trillian November 5 2005 2:59 PM EST

We had an excellent display in York, only fitting really. I think they were setting them off from the school that Guy Fawkes attended too.

My favourite night of the year! Now I'm off to play with sparklers :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 5 2005 3:02 PM EST


My most memorable Fireworks night was quite a few years ago. I had a few friends round at my folks, and one of the air bombs (I think that was what it was called..) fell back down to head height before exploding!

That was a shock!!

Untouchable November 5 2005 6:47 PM EST

new york?

AdminShade November 5 2005 7:52 PM EST

no, York, a city/town in England

! Love Barney November 5 2005 8:09 PM EST

Guy Fawkes?

how do you say that?

Trillian November 5 2005 9:23 PM EST

guy fork's - something like that?!

Undertow November 6 2005 1:12 AM EST

Okay, for all those dumber than you, who is this guy?

{CB1}Carp King November 6 2005 2:16 AM EST

Guy Fawkes
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