Can we have the Blacksmith insta-down system now? (in General)

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] November 6 2005 3:18 AM EST

Flames, praise, and "Hey, I already said this!" posts go here.
But seriously, now that we have the NCB, we might as well be able to get a poor insta rate (maybe 65% if Jon's feeling generous) from the blacksmith to start our new chars with gear that won't cripple them. Anybody else want a base Vorpal Blade? ^_^;;

maulaxe November 6 2005 3:27 AM EST

well, there is a base dagger in the store right now...

Nightmare [NewNightmares] November 6 2005 3:29 AM EST

There are plenty of items in the store that'll get you by until you can use midsized weapons. And if you're still unable to use your uber gear, try going mage until you get enough MPR.

AdminShade November 6 2005 7:33 AM EST

There are enough weapons and armors in the game to not have an insta down in blacksmith, just go to FS/WTB forums and get your items insta'd down (for 65% if needed)

Alternatively go to rentals and rent the items you could use, 50k NW doesn't have a big impact on PR and is the lowest amount of NW you can put in.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] November 6 2005 7:48 AM EST

Jon's posted before that the only way he wants money to be introduced into the game is through fight rewards. Makes it more managable or keeps it under control or something along those lines.
My currently sleep deprived brain isn't very coherent right now (not that it ever is) so I wont be finding the thread where he said that, but it's a good point regardless of whether it actually happened or not. ;P

AdminNightStrike November 7 2005 2:05 AM EST

Insta downing via the blacksmith does not introduce money into the game........

AdminShade November 7 2005 4:37 AM EST

it does if you receive 65% of the downgrade money, paying money to downgrade your item would be considered stupid...

Lumpy Koala November 7 2005 4:46 AM EST

well at least it will push all items to sell for at least 65% of their NW :P

But well, it's a simple idea with too much of impact to game's economics. I don't think Jon will waste time to ponder it . The most he will do is put it into FORS hehe
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