Strategy question - FF or ToBF (in General)

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] November 6 2005 3:31 PM EST

Who would win this fight and all around which is the better strategy?

I know everyone is using the first choice but I was just wondering being that it was a strategy given in the Wiki.

Single Mage training Fireball with a FF or Single Mage training Fireball with a ToBF?

Also, we're going to assume that they are the same levels.

AdminShade November 6 2005 3:52 PM EST

Well the FF would always deal damage, unless it would encounter a too big AMF against it. Though AMF will lower it's damage dealing capabilities it would still deal damage to all opponent's minions.

The ToBF would have to be dealt physical "melee" damage in order to work.

There are many many mage based characters and a lot of characters using Familiars, making the ToBF little useful when comparing to the FF, other than the inate ability to make the wearer fire resistant.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 6 2005 6:29 PM EST

ToBF isn't very good. It stops too little FB damage, and does too little melee splash damage.

It's Evasion is useful when paired with a pair of DBs, but it doesn't stack (well) with the Skill.

On the other hand, The FF gains extra HPs over it's level, deals damage from the first round of combat and provides an extra 'meat shield'.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] November 6 2005 7:54 PM EST

CupofJoe, I like to argue that silly items are in fact very useful. Even slings. I'm confident (and have actually done this successfully) I can get them to work well on big characters. But something like a ToBF.... I wanted to believe that it was possibly even overpowered. Did believe that for a while... then I tried one...

Do yourself a favour and stay away from those things. Heck, buy a DCM and throw it on a mage, it'll do more good to you than a ToBF.

To answer your question, FF will win. FF is the better strategy. It's not a good strategy, but it's better than the ToBF strategy.

Lumpy Koala November 6 2005 10:31 PM EST

if you are going for ToBF, I suggest you use ROE.

This way, at least your char grows faster. Other than that, both ROE and ToBF work the SAME for your char.

AdminNightStrike November 7 2005 7:47 AM EST

Sefton may prove this wrong.

QBJohnnywas November 7 2005 8:03 AM EST

My char Jack Crow started out life as a CoBF (Cloak Of Balrog Flame) tank. So when I went single mage with him and the ToBF replaced CoBF I bought one. The Cloak for those who weren't around had the same FB resistance, and the same 'flame attack' when you're hit by physical damage. But it's power was dictated by the (+) on the cloak. So if you had a lot of money you could make it very powerful very quickly.

The much much much slower growth rate of the tattoo meant that it's splash attack was much lower - to the pont of being useless. As a test I fought wearing the tattoo and not wearing and found it was having no useful effect on my battles. I re-inked it to a FF and jumped 300k in score... I think that suggests which is more powerful....
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