Max, to jail and back again, concerning Max (in General)

Max November 6 2005 6:43 PM EST

Hey gang,

As a beta tester and an admin you won't beieve what I have been through. I was taken to jail for a very long time. I know I owe some of you money and some actually have come out of their pockets to pay my debts. I am so sorry. I got out of jail about a month ago only to be placed back IN jail. I swear Im a nice guy. Please, If I owed you money OR you covered my debt chatmail me so I can rectify it. Thank you all for your help. I promise, it wasn't my intention to leave as fast as they made me. Thank you, for those that covered my debts. Thank you, for those that understood.

{CB3}-HR22 November 6 2005 6:45 PM EST

Welcome back.

Max November 6 2005 6:51 PM EST

Max (ThePickleStrikesBack) HellRazor22 (Razor) $9000 6:50 PM EST

[YG]Wildthing November 6 2005 6:58 PM EST

Hey Max, nice to see you again. We all know you are a nice guy. We missed you!

Max November 6 2005 7:05 PM EST


Date Type Status Details Amount
Nov. 6, 2005 Payment To Jonathan Ellis Uncleared ... -$20.00 USD

Related Transaction
Date Type Status Details Amount
Nov. 6, 2005 Transfer From Bank Account Uncleared Details $20.00 USD


Business Name:
Jonathan Ellis


Rommel [Darkest Hour] November 6 2005 7:07 PM EST

I owe Max 10usd worth of cb2 at the current going rate.

Inferno November 6 2005 7:10 PM EST

Why were you in jail?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 6 2005 7:13 PM EST

don't ask him

WB man! Hope you stay out of trouble! No more stealing monkeys from the zoo, ya hear?!

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 6 2005 7:15 PM EST

BTW, i got a fever, and the only cure is *More Cowbell*!!!!!

Rommel [Darkest Hour] November 6 2005 7:16 PM EST

Rommel (Talo) Max (ThePickleStrikesBack) $350000 -- payment towards usd 7:15 PM EST
i now owe 316k

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] November 6 2005 7:34 PM EST


Welcome back!
I wondered where you'd gotten to.... sorry to hear you were in jail :(
But I'm glad you're back :)

Timberwolf November 6 2005 7:53 PM EST

Just for the record I loaned Max 1.5Mil to help him get back on his feet. I told him to repay me whenever he could, and I am not charging him any interest.

IP To What When
Timberwolf (Big Bad Wolf) Max (max has returned) $1500000 7:49 PM EST

maulaxe November 6 2005 9:28 PM EST

welcome back. I will always remember you as having inroduced me to that video. now, I've got a fever!

hope it wasn't too serious - good luck getting things straightened out!

Hyrule Castle November 6 2005 9:41 PM EST

welcome back max... btw i love that skit on snl.... he is my role model....

Sukotto [lookingglas] November 6 2005 10:04 PM EST

Welcome back Max! Would love to hear the whole story.
Are you really back or are you just here to settle up old debts before leaving for good?

AdminJonathan November 7 2005 12:18 AM EST

welcome back, max.

good timing what with the NCB introduction just a couple days ago. :)

sssimmo November 7 2005 2:05 AM EST

Welcome back Max!

Lumpy Koala November 7 2005 3:00 AM EST

Welcome back :)

so how was the food in there ? :P

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 7 2005 3:13 AM EST

And how was the company? ;)

AdminShade November 7 2005 4:30 AM EST

Welcome back Max, hope to talk to you soon.

Stephen November 7 2005 4:33 AM EST

NCB probably meant "New Cellmate Bonus" for the last few months

AdminShade November 7 2005 9:02 AM EST

lol harsh

YOU November 7 2005 11:51 AM EST

I know what Max did last summer. Welcome back :D

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] November 7 2005 12:21 PM EST

hey Max, thats a pretty good (bad) excuse for disappearing. Welcome back.

Rommel [Darkest Hour] November 8 2005 3:41 AM EST

Rommel (Talo) Max (ThePickleStrikesBack) $316000 -- final payment suppor 3:40 AM EST
final payment on the supportership you paid for me
thanks again max!

Max November 9 2005 6:15 PM EST

wow,thank you. im glad to be back. we need more players. expect the same from me as before
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