Congratulations! (in Off-topic)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 7 2005 5:07 AM EST

To GL! :D

In 5 full days of fighting, he's reached an impressive MPR and Score;

MPR: 65,205
Score: 180,000

It should also be noted, that apart from the first day, where his BA was bugged at a cost of 48 a pop (and some bought the day after), he only bought BA on Wacky XP time (and then he couldn't buy all of it!) and now only intends to buy BA on Wacky XP time!

He has already reached the 9/10 BA refresh rate!

Go go GL!


QBJohnnywas November 7 2005 5:18 AM EST

Lol! Congratz mate. The challenge is still on if you're interested.

Alatar's Gloves (+10) to you if you pass me in MPR by the end of November.....

Sell those and that would buy you a smidgen of BA....

AdminG Beee November 7 2005 5:26 AM EST

Who is this GL guy anyway ?

QBJohnnywas November 7 2005 5:27 AM EST

Some grinning maniac that crept in through the side door.


AdminShade November 7 2005 5:43 AM EST

perhaps GL is Good Luck?

{CB3}-HR22 November 7 2005 8:01 AM EST

Nive job. Very Impressive.

Keep up the good work!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 12:51 PM EST

Go go GL!

After only a week, his NCB character 'Tate' has broken 100K MPR and reached 400K Score!

At a MPR of 101,099 that's a 35,894 increase in two days! A little under 15K MPR per day.

If this rate stays the same, but the end of his bonus period, he'll have reached around 1.6/1.7 Mil MPR!


NSFY November 9 2005 12:59 PM EST

Why don't you stop picking on GL - you know you don't really mean it and are just trying to make your same old tired arguments!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 13 2005 5:38 AM EST

Wow! Look at this GL guy go!

In just under 2 weeks, he's made it to the 8/10 BA level!

{CB1ate}aupStar November 13 2005 7:24 AM EST

gogogo GL!! xD

Mikel November 14 2005 8:38 PM EST

I think that GL guy is slipping.... :P
He's been passed by a fellow NCB that started after him...

Wonderpuff November 14 2005 8:45 PM EST

(and consequently had a higher bonus)

Mikel November 14 2005 9:40 PM EST

lol that is true, see what 1% can do...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 15 2005 4:02 AM EST

That 1% per day really starts to add up! ;)

But no fear, GL figured that his MPR could never exceed another NCB team that started with more than one minion, he's just stoked about showing what a massive FB on a 1Mil + MPR single Mage can do!

Fear the level 2 Million FB! Average damage of 1 Million to a single target... o_O

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 7 2005 10:47 AM EST


One month and five days after Tate's creation, Tate has broken 1 Mil in score.

AdminShade December 7 2005 10:53 AM EST

GL figured that his MPR could never exceed another NCB team that started with more than one minion

Actually you are wrong: as experience is split evenly, and characters don't get a bonus for having multiple minions anymore...

onlyyouknow December 7 2005 10:57 AM EST

Are you serious Shade? We don't get more experience overall with 4 minions compared to having just one minion?

AdminShade December 7 2005 10:58 AM EST

Yes, this has also been confirmed by Jonathan, and the line in training -> enlist new minion has been corrected.

in CB2 we NEVER had a bonus when fighting with multiple minions over a 1 minion team.
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