XP given by a RoE (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 8 2005 6:57 AM EST

Hi All, after seeing some large XP values in this Wacky time (with a Clan bonus of 5.0%) I decided to record the XP I gained in a fight (for some of the big values, and one small), and the XP I had on the 'Train' screen after, which shows how much XP you gained that fight from a RoE.

I thought to see how how much extra xp the RoE was giving me, but stumbled upon something else.

These are the XP fight rewards I recorded;


(Nice values for a charcater that's not even a week old yet!)

If I was any good at html tables, I'd add the other recorded values next to them.

Looking at these results, the RoE gave me exactly (well, when rounded) 23% of the XP gained from the fight. It was mentioned to me that a RoE gains 2/3rd of the XP a normal tattoo gains per fight, if this is correct, then we could assume tattoos gain 34.5% of the XP you do per fight!


Equip a RoE and gain 23% extra XP.

This was on a single minion, so the XP gained from fighting wasn't divided by any other minions, but I'd take a guess that it would provide 23% of the total XP (what is shown on your fight screen multiplied by the number of minions you have) gain to the minion it is equipped on. Not 23% of the XP that minion earns.

This might also be a reason multi minion teams no longer generate slightly more total XP per battle than lower minion count teams.

Again, to cut through my waffling for people just skipping to the bottom of this post, equip a RoE and gain a 23% XP bonus.


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 8 2005 7:09 AM EST

From the Changelog introduction;

"roughly 2/3 of the xp a normal tattoo would earn."

As the XP earned by a RoE is a fixed percent of the XP you gain per fight, I would then assert the same hold true for all tattoos.

At roughly 34.5 (Hey, maybe 33.3% for a nice 1/3!) of the XP you gain.


trigun November 8 2005 7:58 AM EST

keep up the good work man..and thanks for the summary at the bottom there..well anticipated..^_^

Will [Retired] November 8 2005 8:28 AM EST

Check the work Shade and I have done on this subject that we posted in the wiki, its quite comprehensive! :)

Oh yeah, it'll be under RoE...

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] November 8 2005 8:31 AM EST

I read that entry. It confused me.

Will [Retired] November 8 2005 8:40 AM EST

Basically equipping a RoE results in a 20% experience increase for the character, given to the minion that wears it.

All I did was to expand this to the % increase as the minion would see it (e.g: the minion in a 4 minion team sees its rewards increase by 80% from what they used to be...). But thats not that important, just remember the first bit.

AdminShade November 8 2005 8:48 AM EST

Indeed, check the wiki for some raw information about it, found by both me and will :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 8 2005 9:19 AM EST

Shade, Will, I'm 100% sure the increase a RoE gives is 23% of the XP you earn. I tried to test it with two brand new minions, but the XP rewarded was too low. I strongly assume it's the same percentage no matter what number of minions are on your team.

I think it works like this;

Any minion wearing a RoE gain a 23% XP increase. A single minion would therefore get 123% of normal. A minion on a 4 minion team would get a 92% increase over it's fellow minons. (Assuming XP is split evenly and the RoE is kep on the same minion) for 100 xp earned, the RoE would give an extra 23. Each minion would naturally gain 25 XP (100/4) with the extra 23 going to the RoE minion for a total of 48. 48 is a 92% increase over 25.

If anyone would like to test this with a higher level multi minion team I'd be greatful! ;)

Who nows, the percent the RoE gives could alter per the amount of minions on a team. But I'm 100% sure it's 23% for a single minion.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 8 2005 9:40 AM EST

>_< Sorry Shade, Will. I'm using a Named RoE... Maybe that has increased the amount of XP it gives.

I'll go test with a normal one.

It's amazing the amount of clarity gained by a brief trip out of the office!


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 8 2005 9:50 AM EST

Using an un-named RoE (and barring two erroneous results I attribute to gaining XP from being attack at the time I was recording) every fight the RoE gave me 22% of the XP I got as a reward.

Normal RoE: 22% XP bonus
Named RoE: 23% XP bonus

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 8 2005 9:56 AM EST


I recorded the next five fights when my Named RoE equipped, and guess what...

They all yielded a 22% increase in XP.

*Hangs head*

AdminShade November 8 2005 10:30 AM EST

a named RoE gives 4% more experience than a non named.

so if a non named would give 20% then a named would give 20.8%

but if you wound 22% and 23% those could be right also.. :\

but i have noticed that for low exp values, that the found values could be a bit off so perhaps my findings were off with a few %.

AdminNightStrike November 8 2005 12:21 PM EST

Maybe the difference lays in the order in which the various xp bonuses you have are applied. You have a bonus from the RoE, from your clan, from the NCB, and from Wacky Time.

AdminShade November 8 2005 2:55 PM EST


You have a bonus from the RoE, from your clan, from the NCB, and from Wacky Time.

Clan bonus: applies to ALL minions
NCB: applies to ALL minions also
Wacky times: apply to ALL your minions also
NUB: see NCB

the only bonus that is seen separate is the RoE bonus.

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] November 8 2005 7:55 PM EST

Is a ROE worth the 400k??

AdminNightStrike November 8 2005 11:01 PM EST

Shade: so? The order is still important.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 3:19 AM EST

NS, if it all multiplication, the order doesn't matter.

Lumpy Koala November 9 2005 4:06 AM EST

I think the way XP gained is like this :

1) After win/draw, your char gets X amount of xp. Calculated based on clan bonus, NUB/NCR bonus and the basic score to PR formula.
2) Your tattoo gets X*t of xp (t is unknown, might be less than 1)
3) Each minion gets equal split using formula X/m , where m is number of minions.
4) If you wear ROE, then the particular minion will get (X*t)*2/3 extra xp.

So the order of bonus doesn't really matter.

AdminShade November 9 2005 4:17 AM EST

the order isn't important because it's a multiplication.

2 * 6 * 8 is the same as 8 * 2 * 6

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 4:24 AM EST

HO HO HO!!!!!

Disgregard my last post about my named RoE giving 22%... I was using the un-named... To many RoE's... But, just to make sur, going to record a few fights. Will post back in a sec.

(Shade, I orignally thought that the named would transfer 4% extra (of 22%) due to naming which would be an increase of 0.88, rounded up to 1 for 23%!)

AdminShade November 9 2005 4:31 AM EST

that 1% would be correct i think

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 4:32 AM EST


My next five fights (all deff with a named RoE as the other went back from loan) all got a 23% bonus from the RoE. No Wacky XP time.

For Single Minion;

Named RoE: 23% XP bonus
Normal RoE: 22% XP bonus

(Assumption now is that tattoos with levels earn 33% of your XP)

If anyone would like to make sure for multi minions, please post some results and I'll add them to my info. All I need are;

XP per minion from fight, total xp minions have (from the fight log) and XP on train screen (from clicking train straight after a fight.)

Thanks! :D

QBJohnnywas November 9 2005 6:42 AM EST

By request from GL I carried out some fights using Jack Crow. I did ten fights in total, five tattoo-less, five with the RoE on the Jack Crow minion.

first five fights no tattoo - your minions are awarded:

51 48 38 39 42

this is with a 13.4% clan bonus.

The next five fights with RoE -- your minions are awarded:

33 41 31 42 34

The Jack Crow minion got

62 70 67 69 71

Do with those as you will GL. Let me know if you need more numbers.

QBJohnnywas November 9 2005 7:36 AM EST

Five more fights here (clan bonus 13.8%):

I trained the minions so that they were starting with 0 untrained xp.

the fights rewards were:

41 50 50 48 52

At end of each fight minions total xp rose as follows through those five fights:

41 91 141 189 241

But JC with RoE got

41 127 221 313 407

Interestingly though each time I've tested there is no bonus on the first fight.

QBJohnnywas November 9 2005 7:39 AM EST

* well almost each time...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 8:49 AM EST

:) That's because the RoE increase doesn't show on the fight log of that fight. Back in a sec...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 8:50 AM EST

And as such, I can't use the last set of results. Will look at the first four.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 9:16 AM EST

4 results were all that was needed. In each case, the RoE minion received 88% of the fight reward XP as a bonus. Assuming XP is split evenly among all minions, this works out to be 22% of the total XP earned.

Same percent as a single minion.

I'll go so far as to state that Normal RoE s give 22% of total XP earned to the minion wearing it, regardless of minion numbers.


For a 4 Minion team a RoE minion gains 88% more XP than it's fellows.
For 3 minions that would be 66% more and 2, 44% more.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] November 9 2005 12:23 PM EST

"It's a 21-22% increase in total xp rewards for any char. (I can't pinpoint the spot because my rewards are too small.)

That means for a 2 minion char, the minion with the rune will gain about 43% more xp than the non- rune minion, for a 3 minion char, the rune minion will gain about 64% more xp than the others, and about 86% on a 4 minion char.

--AvoidCXT, July 27 2005 11:36 PM EDT"

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 9 2005 12:43 PM EST

Hehehehe... So beaten to it! ;) But it is def a 22% increase. :)
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