The Troll Story (in Off-topic)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 8 2005 3:47 PM EST

(begins with someone who hasn't been back to the forum in months.
The rest are all random comments and replies)


 You are in a dark room. There is a pile of sticks here,
 and a bunch of snarky buttheads are talking in the corner.
 > yell
 A troll hears the noise and approaches from the East. 
 He insults your mother, your favorite TV show, and your dog.
 The troll sits down next to the pile of sticks and starts
 waving them around frantically. 
 > set troll on fire
 The troll is on fire. The troll is now walking around 
 the room trying to hug people.

 > feed troll
 The troll bites off your arm and sets you on fire.

 > kickban CheesyPoof (one of the posters who strayed off 'topic')
 I'm sorry, I don't understand "kickban". This is a message board.

 You are now standing in a fire-lit room. You are on fire.
 Some of the buttheads are trying to insult the troll, and
 he's responding by crapping into his hand, igniting the feces,
 and throwing it at them. Several of them are now on fire as well.
 > snark
 The troll responds to your snark by laughing gleefully and giving
 you a bear hug.

 > put on asbestos underwear
 There are no asbestos underwear here, just rubber and glue. 
 You have died from exposure to fire. 

 > beat game
 What did I ever do to you? 
 The game has been beaten to death with a stick. 
 Your final score is -100 out of a possible -100. When you play 
 Troll™, nobody wins.

Maelstrom November 8 2005 3:56 PM EST


AdminShade November 8 2005 4:12 PM EST

hehehehe this is fun, we should come up with a similar thing with the Forge Dwarf ;)

YNM November 8 2005 7:07 PM EST

Lmbo! I get it and have so many different names for the troll!
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