Wacky idea: how about a new CB profession? Inking! (in General)

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] November 18 2005 5:08 AM EST

Yes, it's time for once again another of my crazy ideas. I was thinking about how some people are sad over the loss of camping. So why don't we put in a new CB 'job' if you want to call it that.

Right now, you can fight, or you can forge your BA away. Sure, you can do lots of other stuff, like be a banker, but that's on the side. But I was thinking- we can forge up our items- why not a way to increase our tatoos and familiars and runes?

I think it would be awesome to have a way to increase our tatoo level other than fighting. We could call it Inking. Not inking like the the tatoo artist, but a new sort. Jon would have to work out the specifics, but if you could say go through 'inking cycles' such as in forging, it would be great. Inking could increase your tatoo at say triple the regular tatoo growth speed, and it would charge you a percent of NW added, like forging.

But yeah, I just thought that would be neat and had to share. Feel free to cuss (at your own peril) and discuss it here. Later.

QBJohnnywas November 18 2005 5:23 AM EST

Interesting idea. But what about max tattoo level? Your tattoo stops growing once it's over your max tattoo. You'd end up paying for something that you wouldn't be getting the benefit from if you 'inked' it too far...

Undertow November 18 2005 5:39 AM EST

how is this any different from 'forging' a tat?

Not a horrible idea, but I think that Jon WANTS tattoos to only increases levels through fighting.

WeaponX November 18 2005 8:05 AM EST

we do need a new new CB profession. i think we should come up with ideas.

AdminG Beee November 18 2005 8:46 AM EST

It's actually worth thinking about in some form or another imo.

Max tattoo level is a ceiling and I'd see no reason to change that, but at present there's no way to reach max level unless you purchase and for the larger characters in the game that's just not an option.
Would it make the strong even stronger if they could increase tat to the max? Perhaps, but still worth thinking through further.

I'm sure some of anoraks (sorry strategists) out there can come up with the pros/cons for such an idea.
Let's hear them...

Wonderpuff November 18 2005 9:38 AM EST

It would allow some people to DOUBLE the size of their current 1mil XP tattoo. That's a bit extreme, methinks.

onlyyouknow November 18 2005 9:41 AM EST

Just make it such that it becomes very hard to "ink" up the levels when the tattoo gets really big. Something that is similar to big weapons and armor. Higher costs to "ink" up.

Lumpy Koala November 18 2005 10:13 AM EST

double their tattoo at the expense of their $$ and MPR gain, sounds ok. Of course people would hire others to ink tattoo for them like forging, at the same time fight with an ROE, with USD help, that's even faster growth than NUB/NCB. But a nice way to counter this is to tweak the transfer cost of tattoos , may it be loan or permanent. Make it .. unaccessible to most :P

AdminShade November 18 2005 12:35 PM EST

could have another store that would ink your tattoo for a certain cost, based on the NW (or level) of your tattoo, and have it made prettier (and get more level)

but this would then be a small increase in effect, say in 0.1% or so

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 18 2005 1:29 PM EST

i figured this out the other day, kill the BS no the tat artist, lower the forge fees, and we have a simple effective way to make money without fighting, since there is no BS, you either have to find someone willing to do it, or do it yourself. This certainly limits the amount of $US that can be poured direectly into items, and maybe slows down some of the insanity. I think it makes more sense than trying to add a whole nother skill.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] November 18 2005 2:16 PM EST

Would be pretty cool, how many times have you looked at the tattoos in auctions and said, cool tattoo, but I can't use that, I'm at (10k-1mil)PR level, and getting that tattoo to similar level is impossible without losing tons of battles by using a lame tattoo.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 18 2005 4:46 PM EST

Veri, the idea of getting a "touch-up" done is kinda cool...but I don't think it'll fly.
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