Are you Trigger Happy enough? See inside you chickens! (in General)

AdminShade November 22 2005 7:48 AM EST

Trigger Happy is recruiting again.

Alas one of our members had other things on his mind and had to leave the clan so now we have 1 spot free for a player that can join us and kick in with our always nice bonus.

The max PR you can accept is 569,916.

Which means that if you are below 570k MPR that we will be able to get you in.

How to apply:

- Send me a Chat Mail saying you want in.
- Apply through the clans => join => Trigger Happy way
- Make sure you are Trigger Happy, and are able to get the points needed.

AdminShade November 22 2005 8:06 AM EST

Addition: if you have the NCB and have a small character, we might be able to squeeze in 2 players.

Bootsanator November 22 2005 1:43 PM EST

ooh, then i wouldn't have to beat you up all the time, shade! we could be friends :P

Maelstrom November 22 2005 1:50 PM EST

This clan is so dangerous we have to keep them caged up:

NSFY November 22 2005 2:45 PM EST

Aren't those roosters ? mmm...roosters

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] November 22 2005 2:48 PM EST

There is only one rooster and the rest are hens.

Maelstrom November 22 2005 3:01 PM EST

I dunno, I'm not a farmer. I googled for chickens, so that's good enough ;)

NSFY November 22 2005 3:23 PM EST

I think they are all roosters. Maybe even homosexual roosters - not that there's anything wrong with that!

Now we know why chicken sexers get paid so much.

AdminShade November 22 2005 4:02 PM EST

Please don't go off topic in this thread, if you want to join just say it, if you don't just keep out ok :)

otherwise I will ask G_Beee to peck you!

AdminShade November 23 2005 10:58 AM EST

We still have a vacancy

QBOddBird November 23 2005 12:49 PM EST

I'd love to join with my NCB character, but...

You have 1 day 11:17:36 before this waiting period expires.

So if you're willing to wait, I'm willing to hop on board the Trigger Train!

AdminShade November 23 2005 3:03 PM EST

So did your evil plan fall through?

Well we still don't have anyone so i guess we can wait :)

AdminShade November 25 2005 12:17 PM EST

We still have space for a character with 80k mpr!

Undertow November 25 2005 1:35 PM EST

Is being at least a chat op still a requirement? Cuz that was so cool.

AdminShade November 25 2005 1:42 PM EST

Well currently all members are at least chat op, but I don't think it is a requirement.

AdminShade November 26 2005 3:04 PM EST

Clan is full.
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