Why are xbows so puny? (in General)

Quark November 23 2005 3:48 PM EST

If I think about the actual device, it should pump at least as much power as a compound bow. Now I can't complain about my axbow or the exbow, as it trades off abilities for power, but the hxbow? Why doesn't it have the same base damage as the ELB?

Tezmac November 23 2005 3:50 PM EST

Because the ELB is all elven and stuff....duh.... :O)

Relic November 23 2005 3:50 PM EST

I have always wondered this myself, however, xbows can fire in melee also, bows do not. So, if you had them do the same damage as bows and yet still allow them to fire in melee, you would have a serious overpowered item on your hands.

AdminShade November 23 2005 3:52 PM EST

well xbows also don't fire every round in melee, neither do bows, so in CB they are still underpowered if you look at them VS bows.

Quark November 23 2005 4:29 PM EST

Let's get a dwarven hxbow going - base 6 or even 7 to trump the ELB.

Maelstrom November 23 2005 4:33 PM EST

No, Dwarves use axes. Make it a Gnomish Crossbow ;)

AdminShade November 23 2005 4:38 PM EST

Gnomes use firearms with gunpowder instead of crossbows.

{CB1ate}aupStar November 23 2005 9:05 PM EST

Gnomes are like me. They like cake...=q*

trigun November 24 2005 5:45 AM EST

however, bolts do have higher base damage.,^_^

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 24 2005 5:47 AM EST

Realistically, heavy crossbows should be slower than Long bows, not sure about range or power (I've got the nagging feeling that English Longbows had more range and power than heavy crossbows, but required far more training...).

Maybe, make Archery a pre requisit for even using any type of Bow, make crossbows fire every other round (including ranged) but bump their damage.

AdminShade November 24 2005 6:25 AM EST

bolts perhaps have higher base damage, but the damage difference from ammunition is not that big, especially when looking at 10x2 or 8x2 ammo.

Stephen Young November 24 2005 6:57 AM EST

So make bolts base 20. ;)
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