Looking for people to join our clan Maharathis (in General)

cshubhra November 27 2005 10:21 PM EST

Looking for people to join Maharathis.
Win rate of 75% with MPR > 10000
Win rate of 70% with MPR > 20000

Maelstrom November 27 2005 10:39 PM EST

cshubhra, your own win rate is only 65%...

cshubhra November 27 2005 11:17 PM EST

I dont think I should even respond to u. We, the members will make the policies.

Stephen November 27 2005 11:20 PM EST

That's member. Singular.

cshubhra November 27 2005 11:24 PM EST

Now its only me ... but when we have more, we will jointly make decisions.

Maelstrom November 27 2005 11:57 PM EST

Very democratic. Votes and all?

QBOddBird November 28 2005 12:01 AM EST

Sorry DAWG, Hellokitty. No matter how good you may be, you do not live up to the expectations of this clan with your low win rates. Looks like you'll be refused if you try.

cshubhra November 28 2005 12:10 AM EST

Whats wrong with you guys?

Bootsanator November 28 2005 1:44 AM EST

basing entry off of win rate doesn't make any sense to me, and i'm guessing it makes no sense to the others as well, and that's what they are talking about.

if someone got 3k clan points a day, but got the crap beat out of them by several non-clan people, they could have less than 50% and still be awesome clan members. etc.

AdminShade November 28 2005 6:20 AM EST

win % is based on fights you fight yourself and fights others fight against you, not even the highest people on cb have such records, except for the apocalypse book.

however finding those people in the low region you are looking for might be a bit easier...

AdminShade November 28 2005 6:24 AM EST

As example:

You have participated in 436736 battles, of which you won 181492, or 42%.

that 42% is certainly too low for your 'standards' but however i make 15,580 clan points in a week, being one of the more active clan fighters in cb...

honest tip: ask for people that fight a lot, since winning % can drop a lot when being in a clan

cshubhra November 28 2005 10:37 PM EST

My strategy is a little different ... this clan is for beginners like me ... so, just decided to have some sort of a criteria, to get a beginner, who is showing some promise ... when you are a beginner, you dont get attacked that often ... as you gain more experienced, your success rate decreases ... also, another stat which I check is the no of wins, vs the no of attacks, which should be high, specially when you are new.

Maelstrom November 28 2005 11:20 PM EST

A character's score (when compared to PR) is generally considered to be an effective measurement of their strategy...

AdminShade November 29 2005 6:13 AM EST

cshubhra, I know why you put your criteria there, because I also did so when I was new, constantly watching my winning %, but from the moment that I got into a clan my winning % dropped because more and more people were attacking me.
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