NCB First! (in Off-topic)

Relic November 30 2005 5:30 PM EST

400,016 MPR after only.....28 days (minus two for retraining and game downtime). So, really only 26 days...

/me wonders how much MPR I will have after 4 months...:P

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] November 30 2005 5:31 PM EST

Very nice. Do you buy BA ever at all?

Relic November 30 2005 5:33 PM EST

Other than the snafu bug where I lost a full load of BA that I had purchased, I have purchased full BA every day. I have missed some BA regen during the night, but have been pretty dedicated during the NCB time thus far...

WeaponX November 30 2005 5:35 PM EST


Quark November 30 2005 5:36 PM EST

Pretty dedicated? Dude's a machine! Now I'm at 401,599 for the exact same period, but I had a 15k MPR bump for a 3rd minion.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 30 2005 5:38 PM EST



300K MPR in the same time...

But I can't buy full BA daily... Damn the rapid draw reward change!! :P

Relic November 30 2005 5:44 PM EST

G is using a RoE as well. He will probably pass me with that darn thing...or it will slow him down because he won't be able to fight up as much...time will tell. Nice work G!

Quark November 30 2005 5:48 PM EST

I've had to play a few timing tricks since I don't use over 1/2 my earned BA. But yes, the RoE does help me keep up in MPR. We'll see how a RoE tank does against a big ToA tank in time!

Stephen November 30 2005 5:57 PM EST

I'm going to wait for two or three years until I start a new character. Then the NCB will give me 400K MPR in a couple of days!

QBRanger November 30 2005 5:59 PM EST

Score / PR / MPR: 1,188,269 / 810,335 / 590,170

One of the NUB players after 1 month 4 days.

Sry Glory, you have still a way to go.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 30 2005 6:01 PM EST

DAMN!!!! O_O

Relic November 30 2005 6:10 PM EST

Isn't the NUB bonus higher than the NCB? It has to be to get that high that fast...

QBRanger November 30 2005 6:11 PM EST

I was under the assumption that the NUB is the same as the NCB except the money factor.

The NUB that is that high used a ROE until recently.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 30 2005 6:30 PM EST

I only pray that MPR above Glory comes from large bought minions bumping up a large single minion + RoE MPR... Otherwise;


smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 30 2005 6:41 PM EST

Ok, I'll ask the question that didnt get answer on the main NCB thread...

Is the NCB here to stay? Or is it only a short period deal?

onlyyouknow November 30 2005 8:11 PM EST

I think the NUB is higher than the NCB. I started with only 135% NCB. I figured the NUB should be in the region of 150% to 170% now.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] November 30 2005 8:17 PM EST

Neela used a RoE for quite some time.
As far as I know the xp bonus for the ncb is identical to the nub, remember onlyyouknow it got a substantial reduction earlier this month.
Jon hasn't said this will be a short term feature though buying BA will get very costly as time goes by.

Special J November 30 2005 8:23 PM EST

XP bonus for NCB and NUB are equal, found on the same equation.

{CB1ate}aupStar November 30 2005 8:52 PM EST

Wow!! And i thought mikel was growing fast...;)

Quark November 30 2005 9:56 PM EST

Holy cow! Neela's challenged 56k battles in that time! That's well earned MPR! Glory's only at 42k challenges.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 1 2005 3:42 AM EST

And I thought Glory didn't sleep! ;)

Mikel December 2 2005 2:45 AM EST

aupstar, I am :)
I have retrained 3 times, but I will be going thru a growth spurt, things are finally slowing down at work so I can get my normal breaks in and burn even more ba.

{CB1ate}aupStar December 3 2005 12:02 AM EST

Great! ^_^
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