I'll be gone for a while... (in Public Record)

QBPixel Sage December 1 2005 2:54 AM EST

Hey everyone...

I'm going to be away from CB2 for a while. On Tuesday, one of my friends took his own life at the Golden Gate bridge.

Sorry to my clan, guess I won't be contributing for a while... I'll be working on a website for him. I hope you understand.

Special J December 1 2005 3:24 AM EST

Sorry for your loss pixelsage be strong Sir.

AdminShade December 1 2005 4:57 AM EST

Of course we will all understand, it is never good to lose a loved one.

Hope you will find the strength that you need.

QBPixel Sage December 1 2005 7:05 AM EST

I've spent nearly 12 hours non-stop on his online memorial. Its so hard... having to stare at his picture while making the website...


Quazi Novae... that was his first screen name. Now I know why he named the ship in our game the Quazi Nova. We'll keep that and we'll finish the RPG in his name. It was his dream that sparked 5 years ago, and I'm going to help him finish it.

Xiaz on Hiatus December 1 2005 7:15 AM EST

I guess, that was his Relski...

Bless his soul.
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