Help Me Out. (in Off-topic)

{CB3}-HR22 December 1 2005 3:40 PM EST

Please click the link below to give me a soldier on My favorite purple site:
I like purple things!
You may click once every 24 hours.

Every Time you click my link post proof, and i will sent you 1k every click.
Thank you much!

Adrian Exodus December 1 2005 3:41 PM EST

No commercial or "please click this to give me referral credits" links, please

Maelstrom December 1 2005 3:41 PM EST

"No commercial or "please click this to give me referral credits" links, please."

AdminShade December 1 2005 4:00 PM EST

due to popular demand, thread reopened, but i cant seem to stop laughing at that funny website :D

{CB3}-HR22 December 1 2005 4:50 PM EST

sorry i forgot about the new rules.

Stephen December 1 2005 8:26 PM EST

1K please.

Special J December 1 2005 9:51 PM EST

I went to the site too, 1k please.

maulaxe December 1 2005 10:01 PM EST

from the looks of it, you would have to pay me a LOT more to go there...


Stephen December 3 2005 5:21 AM EST

I've been clicking once every 24 hours but haven't received my payment. Can we have HellRazor reset for scamming?

/joke, in case anyone takes it seriously

AdminG Beee December 3 2005 9:13 AM EST

Did someone say Barney?

Special J December 3 2005 4:01 PM EST

pssst GB, that is not Barney.

Maelstrom December 3 2005 4:02 PM EST

Barney in drag? ;)

Thraklight Resonance December 3 2005 4:31 PM EST

Mushu in drag?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 3 2005 5:29 PM EST

Barney Rubble. Trouble.

Rhyming slang ftw!

Hyrule Castle December 3 2005 5:49 PM EST

i went there.... wheres my k
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