My theme/skin is official! (in General)

QBPixel Sage December 2 2005 4:34 AM EST

I'm feeling a bit more up no, like I did my part in my friend's memory.

So I came back to do a bit of CB2, and what do you know?

Thanks a lot Jonathan! Hm... maybe in a few weeks I'll create a few more, who knows?

AdminShade December 2 2005 5:17 AM EST

theme looks good but a bit too dark imo, perhaps try to make something along the lines of blue / grey?

trigun December 2 2005 5:40 AM EST

yeah..too dark for me too..hurts the eyes..something easier in the eyes would be nice..good job tho..^_^

Xiaz on Hiatus December 2 2005 7:44 AM EST

Ha, it is nice indeed! Congrats :)

Maelstrom December 2 2005 9:07 AM EST

I took another look at that one - it's really nice, I like the colour scheme, but the dark text on the dark background is tough to read...

[Nkki]WildEagle [SNB Forging Services] December 2 2005 9:41 AM EST

i love it :) i've been looking for a good theme for a while.. this one sure is the closest to what i've been looking for so far.. good job ;)


Bootsanator December 2 2005 12:56 PM EST

i'm really glad this one became official :) good work pixelsage!

Rommel [Darkest Hour] December 4 2005 7:35 PM EST

nice pixel, now all we need is a theme that looks like a Word Processor...

Hyrule Castle December 4 2005 8:53 PM EST

how about a nice dark forest green :D

Hyrule Castle December 4 2005 8:53 PM EST

oh , and a Christmas one !... or a happy holidays for those who dont celebrate Christmas
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