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Bootsanator December 7 2005 3:59 PM EST

Anybody else love Chrono Trigger? that was one great game, one of my most favorites. I've never played Chrono Cross, can someone tell me how it compared?

It's a SNES RPG for those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about.

For those who Do know what i'm talking about, look at what somebody did to some Chrono Trigger songs :P,_Vol._1

AdminShade December 7 2005 4:00 PM EST

I used to own it but lost it long long long ago.

Was hoping of either a PC or a Gameboy version but alas.

BrandonLP December 7 2005 4:13 PM EST

CC was terrible in comparison. A decent game, but nothing even remotely like the original.

Relic December 7 2005 4:21 PM EST

I had two copies of the original SNES game. I recently sold one on ebay for about 75 usd. Crazy that it sold for that but I guess it is somewhat rare.

BrandonLP December 7 2005 4:23 PM EST

I paid $54 for it used back in the day. I can only imagine prices going up for it.

gooey muppet December 7 2005 4:30 PM EST

Chrono Trigger was also re-released along with final fantasy V for the PS1. And as for the PC, well theres no legal way to get it im afraid.

One of the all time rpg greats in my opinion. Ive spent so many sleepless nights that game.

[SoM]CupofJoe [Peoples Bank of Carnage] December 7 2005 5:29 PM EST

No way to get it on PC.

Not so I say.

Hook yourself up with an emulator and fing the game. not too hard

Bootsanator December 7 2005 5:55 PM EST

you can *legally* have the emulated version on your computer if you own the real cartridge, because it is considered a backup or something. if you don't, you *have to* delete it after 24 hours.

the site i would usually refer you to for chrono trigger, though, has removed it, along with some other games. probably square yelled at them.

/me goes back to playing chrono trigger on his PC

Undertow December 7 2005 6:08 PM EST

Awesome game, and rare. When it first came out it didn't sell that well. And now that it's so popular, and there are so few copies, it's worth a lot.

Before Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was rereleased in greatest-hits form, it was worth about $250 used.

Hyrule Castle [Defy] December 7 2005 9:54 PM EST

yea, i got it on pc, although i am stuck on it, and cant figure out what to do.... i played it for a few days straight... then forgot about it for 4 months cause i got internet back :D

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] December 8 2005 2:14 AM EST

Chrono Trigger is T3H 0wnage!!!. Thanks for the music!

QBPixel Sage December 8 2005 3:37 AM EST


Chrono Trigger was one of the main games that inspired John Skinner to start the RPG I'm involved with, and now he's gone...

Adrian Exodus December 8 2005 3:56 AM EST

CT>>>Chrono Cross, CC had lots of characters and story arcs but I just lost interest in it after awhile :( mainly i still go back now and then to play the beginning because I still wish Radical Dreamers was brought to the us(I like text games)

I have a copy of the playstation 1/final fantasy chronicles game and the snes version even though I don't have a working snes, great thing about the ps1 version is all the songs :)

for some of you that don't know:
Q: May I traffic in warez, cracking, or anything else illegal in the CB chat/forums?
A: No. This includes private chat rooms.

so unless you have some of that nifty japanese Ace hardware for backing up to floppy's, there is nothing legal about downloading a game(besides the old commodore games that where released to the public)

CmdrHawkeye December 14 2005 10:15 AM EST

Chrono trigger is such a great game it easily defines what all RPGs should be. It was one of the first to have multiple ending (Like ALOT of them) and it has alot of replay value. And the music is great, overall it is really worth playing. Some say it is the best video game of all time.
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