Need some Website help, please look inside: (in Off-topic)

AdminShade December 12 2005 6:29 AM EST

Hey all.

I would need some HTML coding help for a project from school, now I know some basic HTML-ing but I want to make something nice.

The first thing I would need to know is how to make the links, which are usually blue in color (IE and FireFox without changing the colors), into a different color.
I have looked through a few websites but couldn't find information about it, or I didn't look well enough yet.

The second thing I would like to know is something about Frames. I know CB2 uses 2 frames and my own 'homepage' will also be using 2 frames, but i can't get the 'main window' frame to go to page 2, instead it makes page 2 into the 'sidebar window' frame.

Is this just a problem because the site is on my desktop instead of uploaded or would there be something different. I have looked at the coding of the source of (having the 2 frames) and they are the same in buildup...

AdminShade December 12 2005 6:44 AM EST

To help I have uploaded my, very basic and so far ugly website, here

Xiaz on Hiatus December 12 2005 7:06 AM EST

For your Hyperlink question you can do two things.

  • Edit the body tag to include link (hyperlink), vlink(visited link), alink
    <body link="#000000" vlink="#000000" alink="#000000">

  • Or use a cascading style sheet (css), either embedded or external to the page. An easy way is just put

    <STYLE TYPE="text/css">>
    A { color: red; }     /* unvisited link */
    A:visited { color: blue; }     /* visited link */
    A:active { color: green; }     /* active link */
    A:hover { color: gold; }     /* hover or mouseover link */

    between the head, /head tags. This is embedded css.
  • skurj [The Knighthood] December 12 2005 7:06 AM EST

    AdminShade December 12 2005 7:16 AM EST

    Yay I found the solution for my frames question.

    In the link of the menu bar frame I'd have to specify Target=main and have name=main in the frame src of the index

    or alternatively, something which i will probably implement:

    have a <base target=main> inside of the <head> tags

    as (nearly) all the links of the left frame link to the main window.

    thanks for the reply Daniel, I still need to read some things on CSS but I'm sure i will get it to work :)

    Xiaz on Hiatus December 12 2005 7:18 AM EST

    IIRC, for frames you create your frameset, then you put in frames which you "name" . The coding is

    <frame src="url" name="framename">

    where name becomes what you use to target the frame.

    Now when you want to make a link that opens in a particular frame you add a target="framename" into the <a>. Example

    <a href="url" target="framename">

    have fun shadey :P

    AdminShade December 12 2005 7:22 AM EST

    Already read about what you just also explained, doing it that way but a bit more simplified :)

    Thanks so far, i could have more questions sooner or later :)

    Xiaz on Hiatus December 12 2005 7:31 AM EST

    Darn! You already found the solution :P

    You could always just download a HTML editor Dennis.

    Google has some ;)

    AdminShade December 12 2005 7:39 AM EST

    I already have a html editor but haven't gotten it installed yet, DreamWeaver works quite nice.

    But the reason I am doing it in Notepad is because It is for school, so I have to know what the codes are behind what the viewer sees ;)

    AdminShade December 12 2005 2:41 PM EST

    Grrrr, now I'm stuck on the theme (mostly background images) for the website, perhaps even multiple themes because the site has different contents.

    Mostly I need a color theme for the pages that will contain the stories of Melkor... but what color should I use?

    AdminShade December 13 2005 3:20 PM EST

    Have quite cool ideas now, will make some more progress tomorrow i think :)

    AdminShade December 15 2005 2:03 PM EST

    hey Xiaz you made a mistake, in:

    <STYLE TYPE="text/css">>
    A { color: red; } /* unvisited link */
    A:visited { color: blue; } /* visited link */
    A:active { color: green; } /* active link */
    A:hover { color: gold; } /* hover or mouseover link */

    you had to put:

    A:link { color: red; } /* unvisited link */

    to make it red ;)

    AdminShade December 15 2005 4:32 PM EST

    click here for my site to aid me with the problem I have!

    Alas my CSS doesn't work in Fire Fox, nor does it for 2 other people

    the CSS's are on the menu bar, on the main screen (home), page 2 and page 3

    the funny thing is:

    it works fine in IE, for everyone,
    an other website (some game called carnage blender*) works also,
    and yet an other website: click for site works also...

    * with a blue / grey theme: the link for (Standard / Favorites) is white

    Both other sites use a CSS as a separate file, but according to Verifex this can't be the problem, or can it?

    perhaps somebody can help me with a code that does work on FireFox...

    either that or i'll just have to resort to a backup plan which includes having codes in every link >.

    bartjan December 15 2005 4:44 PM EST

    If the page were Valid HTML, then you could have used the CSS Validator as a tool to debug the problem.

    AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] December 15 2005 4:45 PM EST

    To fix your page, take out the extra > at the end of <style type="text/css">

    bartjan December 15 2005 4:47 PM EST

    Also, explain what effects you are looking for, because as far as I can tell the CSS you've used matches what my browser (Galeon, like Firefox based on Gecko) is rendering.

    AdminShade December 15 2005 4:51 PM EST

    Thanks Verifex, it worked.

    and about bartjan's reply, well I guess I need to do some work on that :)

    AdminShade December 15 2005 5:25 PM EST

    for the doc type i can choose between strict, loose and frame set,which one would be recommended?

    and for the Character Encoding, any chance of having an example?

    (yes im a newb at html)

    AdminShade December 15 2005 7:14 PM EST

    Thanks to bartjan, it all works properly now :)
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