Redesign of my Char (in General)

Tyra December 13 2005 8:45 AM EST

So, here is my redesigned char....

What do You think about it ?

AdminShade December 13 2005 9:43 AM EST

What's the Decay doing?

Maelstrom December 13 2005 9:49 AM EST


AdminShade December 13 2005 9:50 AM EST

OR killing his own minion... ?

Tyra December 13 2005 9:52 AM EST

Decay is base, and soo great..
Against chars without AMF it's doing very good...
Otherwise, the enchanters will be killed anyway

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 13 2005 10:05 AM EST

:) Looks good!

If you wanna add a wall in the future, you could consider moving the AS off Sandra to Sonja, and moving the base Protection from TMind to Sandra and equipping Sandra with a MgS.

Both the Decay and Protection will still cast at base.

The XP from Sandras AS could be used to give her natural HP, but she would be weak to any AMF cast on her.

AdminShade December 13 2005 10:12 AM EST

In other words, base Decay on a high HP training Enchanter usually isn't a good idea ;)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 13 2005 12:33 PM EST

Shade: it's not only a good idea, it's great idea if you happen to be an RoS user...the number of high lvl char without AMF makes base decay a very nice way to earn extra xp if you are willing to do the work of creating such a fightlist.

I probobly had my best score/pr ratio and earned the best cash with either my 4 minion base decay team...or my 3 decay single CoC...either way they were very specific strats that earned great rewards..

Tyra December 14 2005 7:07 AM EST

Im not an RoS User :/

I don't see how I can move things from one to the other,
this is probably involving a lot of untraining and therefore
loss of xp.
And someone said I would wanna remove VA and add some GA again.
And for AS on Sonja, where should that go ?
I really like the idea of a MgS...
though when Decay is cast at base that means like (0) effect,
does it still work ?
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