Need a permanent character bonus (in General)

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] December 15 2005 10:21 AM EST

Hi ! This is the first character I created, after two months I reached 250,000 MPR. Do not laugh, I learn everything by myself, except that my mentor trigun told me that archery is useless for crossbows.

At the beginning I used AMF and DM before discovering DM cancels my own AMF. I began to use auctionsÂ…Then after three weeks or so I began to join clans, and after one month and a half I discovered how useful it is to buy BA. Now I could not play without buying BA.

I except to reach 500,000 MPR at the end of my NUB. Currently I am doing 10,000 MPR a day, thatÂ’s not bad, but WE I play much less, and I will leave for a two weeks vacations.

I am not here to cry. I see many players restarting with new characters, but I do not want to do so. I like my team. I believe I have a very good strategy :-)

What do you think about a permanent character bonus, so that anyone, passed its NUB, could reach, lets say, 75% of the best player MPR ? This bonus would be nullify as soon as a player reached the 75% limit.

I do not think the best player would be annoyed, because they would in any case still have a 25% MPR advantage.
And this will allow the others, less dedicated or less experimented, to be able to reach correct MPR and be able, perhaps, to try and propose new strategies.

Quark December 15 2005 10:24 AM EST

That would be the "New Character Bonus" or NCB. Once your NUB expires, you can create a character under the NCB - same bonus exp rate, but normal money per battle (no bonus CB$).

AdminShade December 15 2005 10:27 AM EST

A permanent character bonus would be overpowered...

Bootsanator December 15 2005 10:31 AM EST

you don't *need* to get to the top, the whole reason for the bonuses are so that the opportunity is there to get to the top. my NUB runs out tomorrow and i have a 538k MPR character because, like you said, it took a little bit of experimenting and playing around. I'll probably make a NCB character just because it will probably be fun.

some people would try to abuse a permanent character bonus, i'm sure, and also, that's not the point of it, anyway.

Correct MPR? no such thing. everyone isn't supposed to equal the top player by the end of their NUB, the framework is just there so it is possible. not everybody can be as dedicated as kitty, though :P

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 15 2005 10:38 AM EST

Nothing worng with the idea. I suggested things similair before the introduction of the NCB, but it was the NCB that was implemented to cover this.

It means that if you want to be competitive, every four months you make a new character, and accept that your newer character will always do better than the ones before it.

AdminJonathan December 15 2005 11:13 AM EST

that's only correct if you work harder every time you restart

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 15 2005 11:57 AM EST

Or work at the same rate. The top character will keep growing, so won't the bonus percent grow?

When my NCB time ends, my next NCB character will have a larger bonus, so with the same effort as this character, will be bigger than my last. Shouldn't it?

AdminJonathan December 15 2005 12:02 PM EST

it will be the same size as if you'd kept working on your old one for 4 months

5% smaller, actually...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 15 2005 12:03 PM EST

Ah, ratios... Your next NCB will get to the same ratio to the top spot as the last for the same effort, but the chracter will be bigger.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 15 2005 12:04 PM EST

Oh! *Goes off to ponder that*


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 15 2005 12:34 PM EST

Stupid stupid GL... >_<

(Simplifying the bonus to be 100% of the MPR instead of 95%)

You start a NCB character, the bonus is set up to get you to the top MPR at the end of your bonus time. Let's call top MPR x. You work at an average pace and only make x/2 by the time your bonus is up (x is the MPR the top spot would be at the the end of your bonus time, not the start).

Now, you can start another character, which at the end of the next bonus time would aim to get you to x + another four months growth (let's call this y).

Working at the same rate, your new characater would get to (x+y)/2 at the end of your second bonus period.

But, your old character would have got to x/2 + y/2 (as you still work half as much as the top guy..). You new character would be the same size as your old...

Therefore, if you don't aim to work harder during a second bonus period, there is absolutly no reason to start again!

If we factor back in the bonus only aiming to get you to 95% of x, then you're worse off starting again if you are going to work with the same effort.


Quark December 15 2005 12:39 PM EST

It also compensates for people like me who messed around with two or three different characters.

maulaxe December 15 2005 12:43 PM EST

yay for math!

/waves a little celebration flag

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] December 16 2005 9:44 PM EST

You want to see skills Ultima? Check out Silvas Hope. He was the only recreation I made. And that was only about two weeks after I started playing. I'll be happy if I make 100k MPR by then.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] December 16 2005 9:46 PM EST

And not to jack your thread but you created two days before me and your NUB ends 12 days after mine so you have it made.
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