Public Beta Theme: Swift (in General)

QBPixel Sage December 21 2005 11:22 PM EST

Hey everyone, new theme. Swift

Help me make it fantabulous =D. I actually created this theme a while ago, just never put it to use. I was preoccupied with another theme that gave me trouble (and it was a commissioned one too), which I ended up giving up on. This one came out pretty well though.

Stick this in the text field:

XxFaezerxX December 21 2005 11:32 PM EST

i tried it .... it works well with Firefox's Silver theme...and window's silver color template background. Nice!

Relic December 21 2005 11:33 PM EST

Nice clean theme, it is a little light on the eyes. Maybe some darker contrasting colors?

QBPixel Sage December 21 2005 11:37 PM EST

Matrim, I agree. After using PsionicBlue for so long, this was like... woah, my screen feels a little brighter today.

QBPixel Sage December 22 2005 12:03 AM EST

Alright, the overall coloring is a tiny bit darker now. Still bright compared to most skins, but use it a day or two and you'll get used to it :). Hopefully sooner than that, of course.

AdminJonathan December 22 2005 12:26 AM EST

you sure you don't want to help re-CSS CB? :)

QBPixel Sage December 22 2005 12:33 AM EST

Haha. Well, I'd be glad to, but I'm not familiar with the CVS stuff, and I don't want to end up bringing CB2 to an ending crash of doom... oh wait, I have a friend who knows this stuff who (barely) plays CB2... I'll ask him about it and all. I just need to know that if I accept this type of job, I won't let you down. Plus, I have to find a way to prevent old skins from displaying awkwardly after re-CSS-ing the code =D. Did any of that make sense?

Relic December 22 2005 12:40 AM EST

Looks good, I will try it out for a bit. Nice work.

AdminJonathan December 22 2005 1:13 AM EST

as for the old themes, writing a converter may be feasible.

otherwise, losing the less popular ones is a price worth paying, really.

QBPixel Sage December 22 2005 1:22 AM EST

Alrighty, I'll ponder on my decision after my calculus final tomorrow. (And while I'm studying for my final, my theme magically updates itself.)

maulaxe December 22 2005 1:33 AM EST

"harry potter spell list"?

QBPixel Sage December 22 2005 1:42 AM EST

So, any bug reports or suggestions? Should we submit this to see if its worthy of becoming official? =D

trigun December 22 2005 2:00 AM EST

doesn't seem to work well with IE..tried it out first time it said couldn't load the css..tried 2nd time everything but the drop down menu was black..=s

works in firefox though..^_^

AdminShade December 22 2005 2:11 AM EST

CSS isn't that difficult (I think) :p

though having said that, that comes from a former HTML newbie :D

QBPixel Sage December 22 2005 2:24 AM EST

Man, that retarded IE... can't do anything right. I tried loading CB on it a few minutes ago, it said it couldn't load sidebar.tcl. Then when it did load after a few attempts, pretty much all but the opponent list was unreadable, blank.

Guess that's why MS stopped developing IE for mac. They couldn't get anything right, and with Safari taking over, they would have looked like fools... oh wait, they already are =P


Special J December 22 2005 3:38 AM EST

Safari doesn't work worth a crap either ;)

PoisoN December 22 2005 5:00 AM EST

I love it. The first real competition to modern mono. One tweak I'd ask you for, A:visited + A:link look very similar(at least on my screen), could you make them a bit more distinguishable?

AdminShade December 22 2005 7:31 AM EST

Why would you need to have those 2 in a different color? I mean, i don't need to see which pages i have visited as i usually visit a lot of them :)

Tyra December 22 2005 8:07 AM EST

Hey, that looks nice...
though, could You put a bit more color in it ?
Im missing some blue touch ^^
Otherwise it's great

Mabye a combination of this one and Ultrablue would be great

{CB1ate}aupStar December 22 2005 8:31 AM EST

I like it lots!! ^_^ It's like cake with purple sprinkles....=q** mmmm

bartjan December 22 2005 8:38 AM EST

Shade: Forum threads...

AdminShade December 22 2005 12:11 PM EST

Ahh yes, forum threads, good idea indeed :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 22 2005 5:17 PM EST

nice Job, I almost want to switch from MM...

QBPixel Sage December 23 2005 8:17 PM EST

Okay everyone, I made some subtle changes to the link colors. They're more "colorful" now, and the coloring on visited versus non-visited links is more distinct.

Suggestions/comments? What needs to be done before I submit this to Jon?

Xiaz on Hiatus December 23 2005 8:36 PM EST

I'm using IE 6.0 on Windows Xp, and the background img doesn't seem to load, because it's just black. LOL. The image of the theme looks nice though. :)

QBPixel Sage December 24 2005 1:37 AM EST

Anyone have any clue why IE6 is acting up?

{CB1}Carp King December 24 2005 1:42 AM EST

You mean other than the fact that microcrap touched it? Sry no idea then.

QBPixel Sage December 24 2005 1:45 AM EST

Yes, other than that :)

QBPixel Sage December 24 2005 7:39 PM EST

All right then, since I've received no response to my previous posts, I have asked Jonathan if the theme is ready and worthy to be "official".

PoisoN December 25 2005 1:58 PM EST

It is known that the IE has some problems with png images...
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