You poeple are as much fun as....? (in Off-topic)

Shark December 26 2005 6:04 AM EST

A barrel of monkeys on morphine...wheres the life in this place? Or has V.A sucked it out of all of you? I went and played some CB1 a few weeks back and trotted over into chat..( of which that territory I wont tread here)..but we had a blast of a good laugh and it brought back a lot of good memories..CB1 was so much fun over there with the old gaurd..even joined a clan and started fighting some..until a family matter took me out for a week..and come back and CB1 broke down....There is something seriously wrong here at CB2 and I wont put my finger on it in a public post..But I know what it is...And most of you know what it is also...Jon? I think its time you cleaned house some brother...and make this place fun again for everyone..Because some has stolen your fun here

Special J December 26 2005 6:42 AM EST

And shark, it seems to be you and a couple others from CB1 who are draining the fun.

You consistantly complain and bash cb2, then take a minute to bash Jon while you are at it.

I'm tired of deleting trolling posts from you and two others, knock it off.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 26 2005 7:26 AM EST

As troll #3 I do feel the need to chime in, I don't see a slight to Jon in Sharks post, he asks Jon to "clean house" but I don't see that as an attack. The community hasn't been the same since before CB2 came out sadly, and those of us who were around (even for a little while like myself) prior to things changing should have at least some memory of how and why? I like the eternally stuggling together against a common foe (mostly Spid, but Kronos or A.B. would do in a pinch) that cb1 still has and cb2 could have if it wasn't so factioniszed...Admins, NUBs, Campers...the list goes on.
There is no cohesive goal (like beat Todd!) that brings these groups together.

Never on cb1 were things like that, not at least until the very end.

If folks are sad to see cb1 down, and have a few issues with things round here is that so damned bad for community, are we the biggest badest problem in town?
If we are then grats...all those latest multi-busts did the trick...

AdminShade December 26 2005 7:55 AM EST

You can still have that fun here on cb2, just make your old school room and get people in it :)

{CB1}Bio December 26 2005 9:13 AM EST

Shark...I had much fun with you over here. We camped and had contests and "not so friendly" rivalrys. And that was fun. But now they have taken that away...its nothing left but NUB's, USD, and Mages...all of which are constantly complained about. This is not a bash on Jon...but instead a bash on all the people who make this game a constant annoyance. Who dont enjoy the game and have fun...but always try to make this game worse for everyone else. I for one cant wait for cb1 to get back up(my 1st cb birthday is within the next few days). But im not gonna come here and make everyones day worse by putting them down. As I see will only make the return of cb1 slower.

Adminedyit [Superheros] December 26 2005 9:28 AM EST

I've never played CB1 but from what I've seen this game isn't as bad as you make it out to be. And if it is that bad why bother to play at all?

Bootsanator December 26 2005 2:04 PM EST

uh, it's christmas and everybody's spending time with their families? maybe that's why nobody's in chat or anything? just a thought

NSFY December 26 2005 3:47 PM EST

What makes you think monkeys on morphine aren't fun? How much morphine are we talking about? A barrel of dead monkeys wouldn't be fun but you can't blame that on the monkeys.

QBOddBird December 26 2005 3:59 PM EST

Perhaps you should come into chat at the right times - I've had quite a few enjoyable conversations over in NP, gone off to the debate room and let loose a little, etc. ^_^

Nobody can steal *my* fun.

I was Dignifried Bean December 26 2005 11:26 PM EST

Right on shark. There is no joy in CBtown. Thanks for trying to shake the tree, but "Good luck with that!".
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