Magic damage (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan December 26 2005 4:24 PM EST

The formula for magic damage (with the exception of Decay) has changed such that it assymptotically approaches the old value at high levels, from about 1/2 of the old value at low ones.

As with most functions the distinction between "high" and "low" is a fuzzy one but if you want to pick a starting point for "high," 100000 is as good as any and better than some.

AdminJonathan December 26 2005 4:46 PM EST

someone in chat seems to think this means that magic damage should be larger than before in some cases.

i have no idea where he gets this idea.

all this means is that while magic damage is now _always_ lower than it was, it's _less_ lower at higher levels, i.e., the ratio of new:old damage is closer to 1 than to 1/2. but never more than 1.

NSFY December 26 2005 4:52 PM EST

NERF! And it's not even January 1 !?!? /throws a Fitty

bartjan December 26 2005 4:52 PM EST

In other words: mage nerf

Special J December 26 2005 4:52 PM EST

Which cuts down on the always popping up SMTOE starter teams, as they won't be as effective anymore.


QBPixel Sage December 26 2005 5:01 PM EST

Nooooo my mage!

Relic December 26 2005 5:19 PM EST

Much needed change. Nice work Jonathan.

maulaxe December 26 2005 5:31 PM EST

silly mages. trix are for tanks!

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] December 26 2005 5:38 PM EST


Well done.

AdminShade December 26 2005 8:32 PM EST

woot! :)

TinTizzy December 26 2005 8:59 PM EST

man felt something was diffrent.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 26 2005 9:19 PM EST

and I lost no one on my fightlist...

Stephen Young December 26 2005 9:24 PM EST

Fightlist remained the same for me too.

[SIBT]Gardiner Amarth December 26 2005 10:39 PM EST

Sounds like a good change to me :)

[T]Vestax December 26 2005 10:47 PM EST

This is a direct reply to a balance issue people have talked about for some time. The assumption has always been that a mage team is powerful to start with and then starts to diminish in utility as you climb higher.

However, it is clear that the intention of Jon is to make the utility of magic consistent throughout the entire life of a character. As opposed to magic being a basic need for starting teams and merely an option in the higher ranks of CB. I personally have no complaints with diversifying the lower ranks of CB teams to be a more even mix of mages and tanks.

Mikel December 27 2005 2:37 AM EST

AMF evens the playing field. So I don't really see how mages can be so overpowered, maybe below 50k MPR, but after that, the field evens out. People don't run tanks early on cause it's more expensive than using a mage.
AMF at the high end really hurts. I don't think I'll ever be able to beat any of the top tanks with a mage.

Emin3nt December 28 2005 2:02 PM EST

it's just to give ranger an unfair advantage

bartjan December 28 2005 2:04 PM EST

Mikel: that's why this is a low-level mage nerf. High end mages are unaffected by this change. Your definition of 'low-level' and 'high end' may differ from Jon's.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 29 2005 6:40 PM EST

Cool. :) Mages needed it.

All that's needed now is a change to BL, RoS and some other thing I can't quite remember but I'm sure will come back to me. :)

Oh, and free up space by getting rids of Tulwars and all, or give them a use.

Mikel December 29 2005 11:13 PM EST

how is the RoS getting dragged into this as being over powered?
Is every tattoo that is used with a properly built supporting strategy overpowered? if so, then start adding ToE, FF, ToA to that llist as well.

[T]Vestax December 30 2005 4:04 AM EST

Don't forget the overwhelming IF :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 30 2005 4:18 AM EST

considering Jon's recent buff to the RoS, I don't see it getting nerfed

Special J December 30 2005 9:03 PM EST

recent buff?

Not a recent one that I know of.
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