strategy check (in General)

Asian Man December 26 2005 9:49 PM EST

check on my character "dark is rising" please and tell me what you think.

asian men is just screwed up big time cause i changed my strat a bunch and lost a lot of exp.

thanks for your help!!

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] December 26 2005 9:54 PM EST

I think it looks good. You have a nice winning percentage.

QBRanger December 26 2005 10:08 PM EST

Personally I do not think DM is a good compliment to Magic Missile and would recomment AMF instead.

Also, instead of GA you might consider AS to increase the HP on your familiar.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] December 26 2005 11:17 PM EST

Ditch DM.
Train AMF.
Get rid of that GA.
Train AS.
- Ranger: I know you already said that, but I second it.
Move the SF from your enchanter to your mage. - The loss in AC is acceptable, think about it, you'll lose maybe 2% damage reduction (at most) and gain a few extra rounds of having your SF doing damage.
Stop putting money into armor. - It's not worth it, especially for a low level mage. Heck, it's not worth it for 99% of characters... but that's besides the point.
Make sure you aren't putting much EXP into protection, it's not to be trained like most other stats, only put a tiny little bit of EXP into it, it's not cost effective to put too much into it.

Asian Man December 27 2005 1:06 AM EST

yes i would normally agree but i am trying to be different.

i know AMF would be better but what about Ranger and his VA and Haste? and also kitty with her VA and Haste? and all those base protections out there?

as for GA i was trying to deal damage faster rather than live longer because there are so many anti-mage teams out there with AMF it eventually wont matter how long i live with AS, i just won't be able to dish out the damage.

i will eventually add a minion with AS and maybe make it a tank with mostly STR so i can use seekers to own other pestly mages, or mainly DX with TSA and BoM to have a chance against those ToA tanks.

the protection is base(duh...). But maybe i should train it and get the strongest protection ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Asian Man December 27 2005 1:55 AM EST

oh i forgot to ask, how does moving the SF to mage make it live longer? the SF will spawn in the same spot, between the enchanter and mage

Special J December 27 2005 2:04 AM EST

worry about those with Haste and VA once you are in the higher ranks, right now you need AMF rather than DM for MM.

Or, change to FB to dish out damage during ranged and then changed to DM and AS.

Moving the SF makes no matter, but you do need to get a full tat rather than a lesser.

Special J December 27 2005 2:08 AM EST

I sent you a SF, the level is only 630, but it will grow faster than the lesser.


QBRanger December 27 2005 6:01 AM EST

A base protection is only 4% less damage, far less then the AMF damage you will do.

VA and Haste are tank spells, not needed right now for a magic using character.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] December 27 2005 6:26 AM EST

"oh i forgot to ask, how does moving the SF to mage make it live longer? the SF will spawn in the same spot, between the enchanter and mage "

My apologies, perhaps I missed a changelog post somewhere..

Special J December 27 2005 6:28 AM EST

Tats spawn behind the owner now.

Asian Man December 27 2005 1:55 PM EST

exert from wiki

If the minion wearing the tattoo does not wield Weapons or cast Direct Damage Spells, then the familiar will be created behind the minion wearing the tattoo. Otherwise, it will be created in front.

Asian Man December 27 2005 2:03 PM EST

yeah i have been thinking and i guess a loss in exp later will be better than losing now so ill probably change DM to AMF but im keeping GA instead of AS.

and i was thinking i should add another minion. which kind should i get? wall, enchanter, tank, mage?

i was thinking mage with only fireball and AS so it can live during ranged rounds and give me health to feed GA.

Adminedyit [Superheros] December 27 2005 2:28 PM EST

I would train two more minions the first an enchanter puting all exp into AS the second a melee only tank trained 40% HP 30% ST and 30% DX.

Asian Man December 27 2005 2:35 PM EST

thanks that sounds good but im thinking about adding only one minion right now and the other at like 100k MPR

Adminedyit [Superheros] December 27 2005 5:01 PM EST

then i'd go with the AS trained enchanter
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