CB's new pic? (in General)

csraven December 31 2005 5:03 PM EST

is it just me or is that new main page picture just creepy? i kinda like the old swirly head picture... any comments?

QBPixel Sage December 31 2005 5:06 PM EST

That picture looks familiar....

AdminShade December 31 2005 5:06 PM EST

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 31 2005 5:07 PM EST

:O where did swirly go! :P

Thraklight Resonance December 31 2005 6:02 PM EST

Anyone remember this game?

Thraklight Resonance December 31 2005 6:07 PM EST

Slap a tattoo on his arm and replace the gun with an elbow, and we've got a carnageblender tank to go with creepy head. :-)

Mountain Man December 31 2005 6:09 PM EST

new item suggestion: a Fald to cover this guy's codpiece

Primordial December 31 2005 6:52 PM EST

If I was to join today and not when I did I probably wouldn't of joined this game. Some people do judge a book by it's cover. I do that for some sites. Before with the previous logo I liked it more. Now it looks wierd. When I used to join games like crazy to find the perfect one. I had seen both good and bad homepages didnt care joined anyways. I found that most game with a nice homepage usually are better. CB's homepage had a nice setup with a nice pic. Now this huge pic everything is bunched up. I say bring some improvements or go back.

Relic December 31 2005 7:03 PM EST

I mean no offense to the person who made the new graphic, but it looks like a little kid did it. The other one, was much more professional looking. I have to agree with the above post, that I would have been turned away with that in my face as a first impression.

Gilgamesh2090 [NCB Shop] December 31 2005 7:24 PM EST

I will have to agree with Matrim and Primordial's point. The picture is somewhat childish and the home page does look bunched up. You have a great game here - lets present it like that to the rest of the Internet community.

Blarg December 31 2005 8:54 PM EST


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 31 2005 8:56 PM EST

Chalk another up for liking the old head more! ;)

Undertow December 31 2005 9:04 PM EST

It's a white space problem. Avertisements always have lots of open space, "white space." Makes it look better.

RedWolf December 31 2005 9:51 PM EST

hmm....I like the old pic better, as well. It fits with the banner and general color scheme better. This one looks like it was ripped off a different online game, and slapped on here..

someone[onabreak] December 31 2005 10:03 PM EST

Bring back swirly head! This new logo sucks. /agree all

trigun December 31 2005 10:15 PM EST

old > new...he new one makes this game look cheap..which it is clearly not..no offence to the artist..=P

{CB3}-HR22 December 31 2005 10:20 PM EST

whats up with his left eye?

bring back swirlyhead!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 31 2005 10:21 PM EST

Also, doesn't fit 1024x768 properly.

Unless old one didn't also, but if so, it didn't notice as much. ;)

Blarg December 31 2005 10:23 PM EST

what we need is to find someone who does like it.

Ivern December 31 2005 10:34 PM EST

Ew, I don't like it. It doesn't fit the site design at all.

AdminShade December 31 2005 10:41 PM EST

It looks too childish imo...

Chorlton December 31 2005 10:56 PM EST

Im afraid the picture makes this game look like its aimed at five year olds.Please change it.

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] December 31 2005 11:22 PM EST

*Pours a can of oil over the new picture*

Anyone have a match?

Quark January 1 2006 12:51 AM EST


Halcyon January 1 2006 7:24 AM EST

Why not go with something .. like a sword and shield .. or something .. yanno, that has ANYTHING to do with the game? Or maybe just Ulead a decent animated gif of the game name.

PirateKing January 1 2006 7:44 AM EST

I don't spend hours staring at the front page so the pic doesn't much matter. Now if it were a photo of Briana Banks...



'scuze me. I just lost my train of thought. :D

[Nkki]WildEagle [SNB Forging Services] January 1 2006 7:51 AM EST

That picture is just horrible. It fits the theme of the game better than the old one (as the old one didn't really indicate what kind of game it is at all..) but that picture? it's the ugliest picture i've ever seen, if we need a new pic, can someone plz make a nice, cool one? and not one that looks like from a 90's cartoon for 5-year-old kids? thx

RAMPAGE January 1 2006 8:06 AM EST

Oh god it is horrible!
Change it back!
What is next adding graphics?

QBJohnnywas January 1 2006 8:11 AM EST

Sorry what new picture? I've still got old swirly head.....:\??!?!?

AdminG Beee January 1 2006 8:16 AM EST

Is it just me ? Actually don't answer that because it obviously is...

That picture is so much better than the "swirly head" which always quite frankly baffled me. At least it tells us something about the game and for those that think a young kid did it then I ask you to come up with better.

Submit your attempts here and let the jury decide :)

vendo January 1 2006 11:18 AM EST

Makes me think of FoD.

[T]Vestax January 1 2006 12:19 PM EST

If you don't see it then your browser still has swirly saved in cache. If you dare try you can see the new pic by reloading a frame that contains the main page pic. However, ignorance is bliss. Particularly in this case.

csraven January 1 2006 4:13 PM EST

i dont think he's gonna change it guys...

Maelstrom January 1 2006 5:02 PM EST

Would it be possible to store a cookie on each person's computer to indicate which picture to show? I'd like an option of choosing to show no picture at all...

bartjan January 1 2006 5:31 PM EST

In Settings, you can disable the logo.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] January 1 2006 5:32 PM EST

The new picture reminds of Runescape graphics for some reason.

SNK3R January 1 2006 5:43 PM EST

Bart, I don't think he was talking about the left frame, but the main page. And as far as I know, there's no option to disable or switch what the main page looks like.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] January 2 2006 4:35 AM EST

I have to say I agree with everyone else here, that picture probably is not the best. Nothing against the artist, but it has problems.
1. Size- I agree, the image seems too large and messes up the visual layout of the main page.
2. Childish- the new image does seem to be aimed at a much younger audience. While CB is children friendly, I don't think we should market it to them alone. A lot of potential new users may skip by here for this alone.
3. Overtly sexual picture- yes, I think it is. The mage touching the guy's leg right there just doesn't seem right, and the way the knight has his legs spread and back arched just strikes me as unnecessary.
4. Axe? Who in CB uses an axe? lol, come on! Make it a sword or some sort of hammer!
5. Colors- pretty basic image, see 2 for childish. But WAY WAY too much pink and purple! See 3. I have nothing against the purple teletubby- oh wait, I do. I hate him. And this image makes me think of him.
6. Knight's face- look at it. He is missing the left side of his face. Not just his eye, but the socket and all around it is completely black. He also only has his 2 front teeth, and looks like he may be drooling.

That is all for now. I hope I wasn't too harsh, but I have to say I think we can do better. I wish I was a better artist, so I could submit something. Who knows, maybe I'll have some free time and try. But I'm sure someone here can draw! Where are you?!? Show yourself! Free us from Bubba, the two-toothed one-eyed barbarian!

RAMPAGE January 2 2006 6:13 AM EST

While we are on the main page.
Remove or replace the quotes, they are from and about CB1 not CB2.

PirateKing January 2 2006 11:49 AM EST

Vanyard, your explanations for not liking the pic are very well said... except for number 3. If you are finding it too suggestive then that speaks more about yourself than who created the picture. Just saying.

bartjan January 2 2006 11:59 AM EST

Main page?

QBJohnnywas January 2 2006 12:05 PM EST

"Knight's face- look at it. He is missing the left side of his face. Not just his eye, but the socket and all around it is completely black. He also only has his 2 front teeth, and looks like he may be drooling. "

- Vaynard.

Lol, that sounds like most of us on CB. Especially after New Year...... ;)

[T]Vestax January 2 2006 12:09 PM EST

http://www.carnageblender.com (when you are not logged in)

Just log out for a moment and you will see what people are talking about. If you don't then your cache has saved the old image. In that case reload the page and the new image should appear.

Jon, if this is the work of your child or someone important to you then please let us know so that people can put the work into a new perspective. If it was indeed the work of a child then we might be willing to give it a lot more credit. Either way saying nothing about it will only result in negative criticism for sure.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 2 2006 12:50 PM EST

it reminds me of the image someone made pointing out that we lack pants on cb...

QBsutekh137 January 2 2006 1:09 PM EST

vendo, exactly (and good to see you!)

I have seen the picture before...it was some old contest or historical post that talked about that graphic as a very old idea. It is an FoD mage taking out a tank.

I love the idea of a classic mage versus tank, but can we at least have some FB or CoC action going on? Other than that, I like the size, and sort of kind of like the pic. It is like a comic book style as far as colors go.

AdminShade January 2 2006 1:23 PM EST

Why not have the CB artists make something, or find something crazy and get a poll up for really good images?

QBsutekh137 January 2 2006 1:24 PM EST

Now you're talking.

AdminShade January 2 2006 1:28 PM EST

That idea was uttered before, but apparently the mob ignored it :)

[T]Vestax January 2 2006 1:30 PM EST

If Jon would allow the winning pic to replace the current one then I would be glad to host a contest. It would also be nice if after narrowing down some of the choices we use a poll so everyone can have a say in what CB looks like to those outside of it.

{CB3}-HR22 January 2 2006 8:40 PM EST

i would chip in a good deal of prize money or prizes if a contest was held, and if i got to partially judge.

this picture frankly sucks, and it takes longer to load then the orginal and once it is loaded it makes me want to click that little X in the top right corner.

Sukotto [lookingglas] January 2 2006 11:29 PM EST

I think it's a nice attempt but it just doesn't work for me. In a sense, it's a great example of FORS #9 in that it would need to look at lot more polished and professional before it will attract people to that game.

"Graphics in modern games have to be incredibly good to qualify as non-lame. ... If you think about it, lame graphics are much, much worse than no graphics at all."

Everyone's a critic... even me.
But I think the nay-sayers have a legitimate point here. If you're going to show human characters, you need them to be perfect. Anything less makes people more likely to pass on the game and go elsewhere.

Timberwolf January 2 2006 11:37 PM EST

The swirly head wasn't much of a representation of CB as far as I was concerned, but the new graphic is... well... just plain creepy.
If a contest comes together for the creation of a new front page graphic, I would also be willing to contribute CB$ for the winner.

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 2 2006 11:41 PM EST

I'd also like a new contest. This picture just doesn't fit. FoD doesn't even exist anymore. Besides that, I agree it comes off mildly childish.

Maelstrom January 2 2006 11:42 PM EST

You know, maybe Jon is trying to teach us a lesson. Many of us didn't like that swirly head, so he's given us this...

IndependenZ January 3 2006 4:04 PM EST

Well, I haven't got much to add...

But, come on, CB isn't some cartoon which is just like every other cartoon out there. I agree that the picture looks a bit childish and cheap. But most of all, that was definitely not my idea of a classic Tank vs Mage-fight. It should be... erm... different. More mysterious, more glorious, more... dramatic. :p

I didn't like the swirlyhead much either though. I'd say let Pixelsage or someone else make a nice pic most of us like. Contest it is?

Tyra January 3 2006 9:14 PM EST

Well I admit that the actual pic is not so great looking..
but the old one wasnt either, because it didnt say anything about the game...

I still wonder where the all those LOTR-names come from,
and what kind of story is behind the game..

Maybe we should make one up to give this a bit of history...

Thraklight Resonance January 3 2006 9:52 PM EST

Perhaps someone can track down DSL fighter and get the drawing that he created of SNK3R fighting Elen.

Thraklight Resonance January 4 2006 7:02 PM EST

It also occurs to me that, if that is an FOD mage in the photo, and FOD was created to keep Spid in check, that we're looking at the original, single minion Spid in that main page picture. :-)

[DoH]Link [Defenders of Hyrule] January 5 2006 6:10 PM EST

i think some1 should a LOTR helms deep picture to symbolize this IS war

[DoH]Link [Defenders of Hyrule] January 5 2006 8:01 PM EST

or just take out the mage,beard, and axe and add a sword and shield give him 2 eyes make him fighting an undead skeleton and make the graphics better

{CB1}Carp King January 5 2006 9:08 PM EST

I finally got ahold of DSL to get the great pix of SNK3R and Elen so check it out and use it ;)

Maelstrom January 5 2006 9:19 PM EST

Ha! Nice! Whatever happened to DSL? I remember he was doing portraits of people, but when did he do that? I haven't seen it before...

SNK3R January 6 2006 12:05 AM EST

Hehe, that's great. I almost forgot about that. I still think it's hilarious I'm wearing a tie while battling Elen CB-style. :)

Stephen January 6 2006 12:23 AM EST

And whatever happened to Elen?

Maelstrom January 6 2006 12:44 AM EST

Stephen, I was just going to ask the same thing! Where is Elen?
Hers was the first clan I joined, shortly after starting to play CB...

SNK3R January 6 2006 1:06 PM EST

Here's a bigger picture that I found in the old CB1 threads, but it looks a little different:

Revs January 6 2006 2:38 PM EST

I have literally no paint/photoshop/etc on my comp, but i'm sure someone talented in this community does. here's a couple ideas to start with Obviously, these couldn't be used, but something like that would be awesome.

AdminShade January 6 2006 2:43 PM EST

And think about the basic minion types we have on CB if you go create things:

Monk (UC)
Wall / Meatshield (perhaps)

anything further specialized than this doesn't need to be depicted imo as it distracts from the basics that makes this game so good :)

lukimel January 6 2006 11:02 PM EST

I dont think gravity would like that first picture used, Those characters represent classes from Ragnarok online.

AdminShade January 6 2006 11:03 PM EST

lukimel, which is why he said: "something along those lines"

AdminShade January 7 2006 10:28 AM EST

Anyway I pulled 3 pictures from the internet.

1 of a Fighter, 1 of a Mage, 1 of an Enchanter,

and let a good friend of mine do his photoshop skills to merge that into 1 nice picture of 500 * 500 pixels.

Will upload and show it here soon :)

Maelstrom January 11 2006 12:47 PM EST

The ugly swirly red head is back! I never thought I'd be glad to see it... ;)

Tyra January 11 2006 3:30 PM EST


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 11 2006 4:07 PM EST


Blarg January 11 2006 9:05 PM EST

*choked up* I'm so.. *happy*

MaLicious [Ascendancy] January 11 2006 9:08 PM EST

yay mr swirly :) ^_^

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 11 2006 9:53 PM EST

The Swirl Has Returned!!!!

Chorlton January 11 2006 9:56 PM EST

Hooah for swirly:)

Undertow January 11 2006 10:08 PM EST

For those that asked: DSL is in fairfield, IA, same place he's always lived.

Undertow January 11 2006 10:09 PM EST


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someone[onabreak] January 14 2006 5:59 PM EST

Swirly Head > *.*
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