clan bonus (in General)

Flamey January 2 2006 6:01 PM EST

my clan, The aproaching doom is not getting any bonus . Score / raw score: 344 / 313 Rank / Bonus: 174 / 0% i looked at the top clans link still says we got around 300 CPs but were not coming 174th. but we should be getting a bonus.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] January 2 2006 6:02 PM EST

You are awarded $348 and your Minions receive 35 exp each. Clan bonus: 5.0%.

works for me?

Flamey January 2 2006 6:07 PM EST

<nospellcheck>works now because its been refreshed.</nospellcheck>

[T]Vestax January 2 2006 6:27 PM EST

The bonus for clans is good for an entire hour. This also means that if you get enough cp to be one of the top clans you still won't get a bonus until the start of the next hour.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 2 2006 8:23 PM EST

Haha i remember our time to shine that one time at 15% for ~10 minutes after waiting a bit to get ours.


Flamey January 2 2006 8:25 PM EST

yes but the thing was, that we had 300 score but rank was low.the score and rank don't refresh for an hour so how could one refresh and the other not?
anyway it got fixed straight after the refresh

[T]Vestax January 2 2006 8:35 PM EST

Good times small1. Good times indeed.

AdminShade January 3 2006 1:48 AM EST

Flamey, it takes 1 hour for you clan points to be recorded, so you must have been fighting later than you would have gotten an update...

Fighting in between 'clan point updates' makes you either get up or down the clan point ladder next time it updates, not in between.

Halcyon January 3 2006 2:26 AM EST

Allow me to be the only one to point out what that clan ranking is?

Halcyon January 3 2006 2:29 AM EST

And let me be the first, to point out that I'm an idiot .. cause I failed to read the whole thing .. MUH bad!
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