Missile enchantments (in General)

miteke [Superheros] January 6 2006 10:56 AM EST

Does anyone ever enchant arrows, bolts, etc. above +5 for anything other than a lark?

Does anyone else think that missile enchantments are more expensive than they are worth?

I now only buy the cheapest arrows since I'm really not seeing much benefit for my buck when I enchant them up, and the buck cost gets pretty dang high above +5. But I have not done anything scientific, its just a hasty assumption on my part. So, being the lazy fellow that I am, I'm asking if anyone else out there has done the math and would care to share their observations with the math avoiders.

While I'm at it I'd like to plug a magic quiver as a magical item. A quiver would provide unending supplies of arrows at it's enchantment level. With an item like that I could see enchanting up a bit since your investment does not dwindle with every melee. And no more tedious missile buying either! Pleeeaaasse, Jon! I would think twice about creating a magic seeker or slayer quiver though.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 6 2006 11:09 AM EST

A different take on IAs. The problem with those, it that people will upgrade them (Damage wise), as high as they can, knowing they won't have to pay again.

The Quiver upgrade cost could be very expensive, but then you'ld start off only being able to fire 1/2 arrows a round, which would suck.

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] January 6 2006 11:13 AM EST

When I used a bow I noticed very little difference in damage also. Between x1 and x5 I maybe got about 1k-2k more damage a hit. Even with archery that doesn't add much damage for the total cost of buying ammo every day at a greater cost IMO. Heck, I stop using ranged weapons completely and it had no effect on my fightlist. With all the multi-minion teams out there upping your ammo is a waste since the extra damage will make little difference in killing off all those enchanters put in front just to take those arrows and bolts. Now if you're using seekers then upping your ammo might have some benefit since the damage would be concentrated on one target instead of a wall or enchanters since the little extra damage would really be meaningless.

AdminShade January 6 2006 12:13 PM EST

back in the old days of Carnage Blender 1, we had Inexhaustible Arrows.

They first had decent Damage and a bit of + but soon were stacked together along with Archery to make up for the total supply of arrows per fight, stacks of 24 and some even more weren't uncommon.

Then they got changed to have a huge + but limited damage, didn't hurt the people as they now were able to easily to double, triple, and even quadruple hits.

Then Jonathan decided that buying ammo the normal way was best, because these arrows were much too overpowered as they initially were to aid new players to have some starting ammunition for when they started.

So Jonathan removed them completely from the game and compensated the owners of the Inexhaustible Arrows.

So now back to Carnage Blender 2: fights can last up to 25 rounds, with up to 3 Ranged rounds, so you can already begin to realise that the main emphasis of the game lies within the Melee rounds, also with the implementation that using ranged weapons in melee rounds brings a huge penalty to the to hit factor of your ranged weapons.

But now for some advice on wether or not upgrading your ammunition, don't upgrade them too much. Reason is that beyond X3 and +3 you could better upgrade the X or + of your ranged weapon because with some decent fighting (being ~1000 fights per day, using up on average 2 arrows/bolts per ranged round, coming to 6000 pieces of ammo per day) these upgrade costs could be easily paid back by not upgrading ammo but the weapon instead.

in shorter version: not upgrading your ammo beyond X2+2 instead of X5+5 will save you some 30k per day if you use up more than 5000 pieces of ammo per day. (which is an estimate but based on my own findings)

Quark January 6 2006 1:02 PM EST

What about a refillable quiver? One that automatically buys arrows at the store price for whatever the current enchantment level is at (plus blacksmith fees) - you'd never want to upgrade it too much since it would drain the pocketbook at refill time.

But I can't stand buying ammo - I'd love to have a quiver of arrows and one of bolts that just refills and dings my cash for me.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 6 2006 1:25 PM EST

It could take money directly from fight rewards. :)

AdminShade January 6 2006 1:34 PM EST

Indeed, that quiver would be able to take, say $5 per fight, but i'd rather just restock from stores.

[T]Vestax January 6 2006 1:40 PM EST

Sounds like old-school Zelda. 1 arrow = 1 rupee.

miteke [Superheros] January 7 2006 10:56 AM EST

I'm not saying replace the current system. I say just add a rare item called a magic quiver. So new players could still have ammo. As for being overpowered, that is simply a balance between cost and benefit. Just make higher level enchantments on magic quivers really expensive, just as high level enchantments on bows are really expensive.

> Then Jonathan decided that buying ammo the normal way was best, because these arrows were much too overpowered as they initially were to aid new players to have some starting ammunition for when they started.

AdminShade January 7 2006 12:12 PM EST

Creating magic quivers would be creating an additional item class or not?

If you weren't then those quivers would be able to be merged possibly.

And what IF player decide to upgrade them even with the insane prices, would make them more overpowered then they already had been proved to be with a high + ranged weapon.

[T]Vestax January 7 2006 12:16 PM EST

If it's so overpowered then it sounds like a great tattoo.

Tattoo of Legolas

Provides the bearer with an infinite supply of arrows. The power of the arrows is based on the level of the tattoo. Could also provide added evasion since the ToBF doesn't exist anymore.

maulaxe January 7 2006 4:08 PM EST

it should also let you snowboard down stairs on a shield while firing them.
before the beggining of every battle, your "keen elven eyes" would declare that an enemy had been spotted.

Undertow January 8 2006 2:02 AM EST

I've offered up this idea a million times, always with the zelda referance. Link used his rupees as arrowheads, why can't we strap CB2$ on a stick and shoot it at peoples.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 8 2006 2:06 AM EST

if the ToL allowed firing in melee rounds and undid the dex nerf maybe...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 8 2006 10:49 AM EST

Maybe CB2$ are made of flimsy paper, just wouldn't have the same effect as rupees.

miteke [Superheros] January 8 2006 3:01 PM EST

Not at all. We already have an ammo class, and we already have three different types of ammo for a bow. Magic quivers would simply be another type of ammo.

> Creating magic quivers would be creating an additional item class or not?
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