What CB means to us (in General)

Max January 11 2006 10:58 PM EST

First and foremost, the community. I played CB1 for a long while and then had the chance to beta test CB2. I got to see how the game from CB1 evolved to CB2, much as a lot of you have. What I like about CB2 is that there is an active game developer that listens to the community I hold as the reason I play. Most can agree that I am no strategist and I'm not the sharpest economist. That leaves me with the reason I play, the community. I would like this post to show Jonathan just how much we like his game. Hey, I truly don't many games that have such an accessible developer. The only way we can keep this game healthy is to keep new players and keep a good community. I know you guys/gals are out there. I propose not responding to posts that bash CB, its developer, or community. Stand behind your admins and let them handle it. Stand behind, CB. Don't respond to negativity. Let the post get buried with FS/WTB, Changelog, Contests, and everything else that makes CB great to me.

Doc [girl power] January 11 2006 11:01 PM EST

I am with you on this one Max.


sssimmo January 11 2006 11:03 PM EST

It's about time someone said something sensible :P

Go Max.

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 11 2006 11:05 PM EST

I agree whole hearted.

*leans next to max and whispers* "Know any good strategies though? I'm getting my butt handed to me."


QBPixel Sage January 11 2006 11:13 PM EST

w00t! CB2 does have a good community, and I think its getting better... in some ways at least, haha.

And yes, the active developer. I even get to help with the visual aspects of things =D

QBsutekh137 January 11 2006 11:19 PM EST

Jonathan, you are one of the greatest programmers I have known of, and that includes a lot of folks who make popular free tools and languages. Guido and Linus have nothing on you, man. You have the human angle down as well as the technical, and I thank you for this feat you have called Carnage Blender.

Sutekh T. Destroyer

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 11 2006 11:19 PM EST

I will second that statement Max. I started playing this game back in June, I have learned and loved, have seen some amazing things go down: Bubo's Ban and such, and the things that keep me coming back are that this game is ever changing. From month to month it changes, even on some even months there are some changes that just make the game better as a whole. Jon listens to all of us, and changes the game to better it.
Now for the reasons I keep playing. I continue to play this game not because I sent my ten dollars to Jon to become a supporter but for the reason that most of us play: The Wonderful Community! Everyone visits Chat once and a while just to see whats up. Everyone holds some interesting conversations like whats going on now in New Players: DarkPixie Trivia. Thats what keeps me coming back. Everyone has their own personalities here on CB2, and everyone continues to make this community a wonderful place to keep coming back to. For Example G-Wolf Welcomes people to New Players whenever someone joins the room. The polite people keep me coming back. Sure there are some bad apples in the barrel but that happens in every community. Our admins are here for a reason, to keep chat clean and to police the ever growing ranks of CB2. I salute all our admins for there wonderful work while they have such little resources to work with.
/me ends rant


Lumpy Koala January 12 2006 12:27 AM EST

I played since 2002 and I am still here :) And I think that's enough to tell you how good the game is able to keep people around. Rest of the points already elaborated above.

Jon, go go go !!

QBJohnnywas January 12 2006 4:52 AM EST

CB is the first game of any kind I've gotten involved with since Final Fantasy 7. Other things took over and I really thought that I'd grown out of gaming. Well I have to say that my wife is really really really grateful to you for proving that wrong ;)!

Thanks for being a place I've been able to come to, whenever I've needed to switch off during the last couple of years. During this time I've had more stresses than I'd had for several years and it was good to have an escape.

And yeah, a big hand to the admins too!

AdminShade January 12 2006 9:56 AM EST

CB is the game that has received the most attention than any other game from me.

Rathershady January 12 2006 10:31 AM EST

I completely agree Max, CB is the only online game that has kept my interest for more than a few weeks.

All hail Max the Troll Slayer!!!

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] January 12 2006 3:43 PM EST

i agree, the only thing that has kept me playing is the great community. To err is human, to forgive divine; so forgive and forget and lets try to keep the great community together huh?

IndependenZ January 12 2006 5:04 PM EST

Same here! Jon, CB, you own.

BootyGod January 12 2006 7:10 PM EST

Im with it. Down with everyone against CB.

Hyrule Castle January 12 2006 7:37 PM EST

yeah i think most of us here.... well to be blunt... have a fever.....

and the only prescription is more cowbell!!.... i mean... more CB!!!

TheEverblacksky January 12 2006 7:50 PM EST

i think the only way that the community becomes better for you is if you get involved... then that makes the community a heartier place to be :). Thank you jon and all the admins for your hard work and such a great game.

QBOddBird January 12 2006 9:19 PM EST

Agreed. I love this game, the community, the consistant changes (despite any complaints, we all love that the game is ever-changing, no matter the temporary effects to our strategies) - there's no way to keep short the reasons I love CB. This is a fantastic game, Jon.

Maelstrom January 12 2006 9:43 PM EST

"What CB means to us"

Well, I always thought it was an acronym for Carnage Blender. I don't know what you people are going on about... :S
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