TMind Revised (in General)

Tyra January 18 2006 5:37 AM EST

Here is a screenshot of the TMind-Theme in Revision. Any suggestions very welcome...

Anubis January 18 2006 5:43 AM EST

I'm using a home made projector that mildly burns the screen in temporarily when displaying deep blues or reds in the same place all day.
(it wears off if I dont play CB)

Any chance u can do a green or brown one lol

Tyra January 18 2006 9:57 AM EST

Hmm Shade is creating a green one..
I might be doing one when I'm finished with this,
and it finally is permanent...

Anubis January 18 2006 1:42 PM EST

hey cool thanks!!

QBPixel Sage January 18 2006 2:46 PM EST

I really like the gradient you put in. However, you encountered a small fixable problem. In the portraits on the left in the forums, the pattern repeats if the height is larger than the gradient image. What I suggest is using this code:

background: #123456 url("whatever.jpg") repeat-x;

Of course, have the appropriate URL for the image. repeat-x makes it so it only repeats horizontally, not vertically. On your image, find out what color it is at the bottom of the gradient. Replace #123456 with that color. That way, at the end of the gradient, it will fuse into a solid color.

I like the gradient so much, I may incorperate some into future themes. We'll see =D

Tyra January 18 2006 10:02 PM EST

Thanks to You Pixel Sage,
I repainted the gradient , so the colors will fit.
I like it much better for the whole background to be gradient, instead
of the backgroundcolor for the rest...

Any Suggestions on Link, Visited Links and Hover ?

QBPixel Sage January 18 2006 10:04 PM EST

As for the gradient, you can make the entire gradient repeat. Just make it fade from white to gray and back to white. As for links, not really sure on the coloring for that. Anything that doesn't hurt the eyes and fits in well with the theme will work.

Tyra January 19 2006 9:44 AM EST

I tried to make the gradient continuable...
Is it ok now ?
I think i can make out different colors .. ?
what about the links ?

QBPixel Sage January 19 2006 1:55 PM EST

Not too many people responding =(. Maybe its the purple that some people don't like? Just a conjecture.

Tyra January 19 2006 7:28 PM EST

Though I rather see it as blue,using a laptop...
what else could it be instead of "purple" ??
And if they don't like it, they could give some new ideas
what it should be instead.
What would You rather have @pixelsage ?

Flamey January 19 2006 7:52 PM EST

i use the blue/grey theme, i like because its different from the normal one. and its easy on the eyes, the other ones are too bright. this is a little to bright(the white/silver bit of it).

thats my opinion.

Flamey January 19 2006 11:12 PM EST

on 2nd thoughts i actually like that, any chance of seeing it on a fight screen too?

QBPixel Sage January 19 2006 11:28 PM EST

Not sure... green? Blue? experiment =D

Tyra January 20 2006 5:01 AM EST

what do You mean ?

AdminShade January 20 2006 5:10 AM EST

Tmind: click fight and make a screenshot from the fight screen

Tyra January 20 2006 5:51 AM EST

here is one

Tyra January 20 2006 8:07 PM EST

So far I have lightened up the background a bit more..
so its not too purple..

But I have trouble finding a good color for links/hover/visit..

As long as I can't come up with a solution, I chose red, because
it is visible on silver and blue...

Tyra January 22 2006 1:43 PM EST

Update Screenshot

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 22 2006 1:54 PM EST

Much easier on the eyes, great job!

QBPixel Sage January 22 2006 5:58 PM EST

Now that's what I'm talking about =D.

Maelstrom January 22 2006 6:03 PM EST

Tyra, how can you put up with all those toolbars in your browser?
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