little pc problem (in Off-topic)

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] January 19 2006 8:15 AM EST

every day my clock on my pc jumps forwards, few days ago its was 20min ahead and i almost went to bed at 9.30 (had to get up at 6 am)
anyone know what this is and how to correct it?

AdminG Beee January 19 2006 8:38 AM EST

y2k bug - the world is doomed !!!!!

oh, wait - nvm, nope sorry can't help you.

PoisoN January 19 2006 8:44 AM EST

You could use a tool like PTBSync to fight the symptom, but it could be a problem with your motherboard / BIOS / battery. Or a program you've installed recently. You could check the time in your BIOS before you boot to windows.

Xiaz on Hiatus January 19 2006 8:46 AM EST

Time itself is warping itself in your very computer, to fix this you need to change the time back...

Phrede January 19 2006 8:55 AM EST

maybe it is the PC that is correct and that you lose so many minutes each day because of alien infiltration.

But seriously does it happen at a specific time each day or random. And yes have you installed anything recently and also run a VScan - just in case

bartjan January 19 2006 9:00 AM EST

Doesn't even Microsoft come these days with NTP installed? That should allow you to get microsecond accuracy on your PC...

AdminShade January 19 2006 9:17 AM EST


bartjan January 19 2006 9:32 AM EST

Google would have told you it's Network Time Protocol ;)

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] January 19 2006 10:46 AM EST

thought i had ntp, never had a problem with my clock till a week ago

QBOddBird January 19 2006 10:50 AM EST

My computer does this occasionally, and it has always resolved itself within the week. Update it with a government-synchronized clock until it starts working right again.

Sukotto [lookingglas] January 19 2006 11:00 AM EST

Well, it could be the bios battery on your motherboard failing. Is is an old computer?

Or it could be a recently installed program that's messing with your time settings. Can't help you it that's the case.

Or it could be a timezone problem. Doubleclick the clock in your taskbar to open the clock control panel then click the "time zone" tab. Is it set to your actual location? Do you live in one of those crazy areas that's not on standard time?

You should also check the "internet time" tab. That is how your computer ckecks for the correct time using NTP. It will tell you the current status (when it last updated or if the last update failed.) If it failed try setting the server to one of the other ones listed in the dropdown box. It it keeps failing, click the "learn more" link on that page and see if there's a troubleshooting section.

Anubis January 19 2006 4:34 PM EST

The time in your PC is taken from a crystal that has a set frequency (very fast!).
There are slight variations in the frequency between crystals which 'can normally' add or lose a few seconds per day.

This clock crystal is powered by the CMOS battery when your PC is switched off. A low power battery will normally cause you to lose time so I don't immediately suspect that.
You might like to try another battery 'just in case'.

I suspect your crystal has gone out of tolerance (a large shift in its frequency) or something else is changing your time.

The cure is:
try a fresh install of windows on another hard disk (1 hour or less to install) to see if its software making your time advance.

If not, It is likely to be the crystal, so make sure your time is updated automatically at least every day as the crystal is unlikely to be straightforward to replace.

Good luck :)
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