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{CB1ate}aupStar January 25 2006 6:15 AM EST


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AdminShade January 25 2006 6:19 AM EST

old news?

QBJohnnywas January 25 2006 6:32 AM EST

That's what you call AFK!

Doom Lit Sky January 25 2006 6:42 AM EST

Bad bad bad. Afk indeed :S I used to play Starcraft broodwar on a competitive level. I placed in 2 league seasons, and won several tournaments. Almost went to the WCG down in Korea. got gipped out of it :(

Although a close friend of mine made it to one of the final rounds. He lost to a very well MMed Zergling rush.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 25 2006 7:31 AM EST

Second Blizz game that happened too... A girl died while playing WoW. I think she had been playing for a week non stop, and was reported to say in game that she felt dizzt and tired a couple of days before she died.

I no longer have the article so details might not be 100% correct.

Xiaz on Hiatus January 25 2006 7:49 AM EST

gg no re.

RAMPAGE January 25 2006 5:55 PM EST

From website Humor Me Online
Some non-PG responses deleted

(updated 30 Aug 05)

Koreanary Thrombosis
(Header defibbed by

Seoul, South Korea (JoongAng Ilbo) -- A South Korean man, who played computer games for 50 hours almost non-stop, died minutes after finishing his mammoth session. He'd been playing online battle simulation games at a cybercafe, only leaving the spot over the next 3 days to go to the toilet & take brief naps. Lee had recently quit his job to spend more time playing games. Lee's mother asked his friends to find him; when they did, Lee said he would finish the game & go home. Instead, he died a few minutes later, apparently of heart failure.
(Topic suggested by

CLEAR!! (Voomp!) Sorry, I still have a pulse. Better luck next round! ;)

According to bystanders, his last words were "game over!" (; and a whole lot of tilted others)

Mr. Lee was attempting to break the all-time record of 72 hours, but he didn't have the heart. (sorry) ( The hell you're sorry!

Results of the game were dead Lee. (

So? There are thousands of brain-dead people sitting in front of televisions. They don't make the news. Why are they picking on geeks and techies?! ( One: Your TV was on so loud, you didn’t answer your phone. Two: Because it’s so easy!

Three ways Lee was doomed even though he wasn't PLAYING "Doom":

Proving once again that if you keep playing those games day after day, you'll pretty much have no life. (;, couple of others who are bitter, but brought it on themselves)

Little did Mr. Lee know, when he clicked the "check out" button on his computer, GOD was online too. ( Say, what's God's screen name?

When asked why the other players failed to alert medical personnel for well over 4 hours, they stated they were certain he had unlimited lives. (;, many others lacking a full set of points)

Lee apparently got dis-oriented... ( It was a complete occident, may he west in peace!

The Touching Funereal Disease Section:

The funeral service was held next door at the Cyburialcafe. (

Once he is cremated, his ashes will be scattered over the ocean, where he will be a more productive member of society. (man That's the first logical idea in this whole round.

Epitaph: Here lies Leaky Lee / Had to break to take a pee / A misdirected fart / burst his little heart / Now he's playing games for free. (

The man's grave was adorned with a tombstone with an epitaph from the Old West: "He died with his (re)boot on.." (;

The CSI: NYCM Section:

It wasn't the 3 days game play that killed him. His heart failed after receiving the bill from the cybercafe`. (; In Australian cybercafes, they don't kill computer characters; they use tourists.

The manufacturers of PlayStation report that this is the first documented case of Sonycide in history. (

You'd die, too, if you'd just twisted your joystick off. (GrigsbyOK@hot;, other self-abusers)

The computer, though, thankfully survived. ( More than I can say for mine (whimper). DAMN YOU, THOR!!

Wow. He actually did it. I guess I owe Lee 250 gold coins on World of Warcraft. (mcsestretch@hot

He should have got on my web site. "Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Are 50 Or Older." Number One--Don't try to outgeek the geeks. Long stretches on the computer are injurious to your health and could bring on a heart attack. ( Look, reading 39 years’ worth of your "Over-50 No-Nos" would take even longer than 3 days!

The next kid in line to use the game stood up and yelled, "Finally!". (

Honorable Mention - THAT explains that weird diamond over my head:

Lee was actually just an avatar of some alien playing Sim Earth. You know, LIKE WE ALL ARE!!! (

Runner-up - She was a necrophiliac who loved him for his mind:

The heart attack was brought on when a girl actually asked him to go on a date. (

The Winner - Proving once again that Microsoft IS out to get us:

The autopsy revealed it was not heart failure that got him, but the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. (

Spell check doesn't like people's e-mail names and using opt out just makes a mess of the post so please forgive me for padding this post.

Special J January 25 2006 6:03 PM EST

His lag spiked, eh.

Stephen January 25 2006 6:41 PM EST

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Old news indeed

{CB1ate}aupStar January 26 2006 2:16 AM EST

old is gold....;)

Xiaz on Hiatus January 26 2006 2:48 AM EST

People die all the time, doesn't really matter how they go. As long as they do it right!

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] January 26 2006 4:00 AM EST

I feel bad that anyone had to die for something as meaningless as a computer game. Even if Starcraft is a great and entertaining game. On a lighter note, he was able to die doing what he loved (or at least because of it). I guess we should all be so lucky.
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