Insta up/down?? (in General)

Crux Terminatus January 27 2006 6:24 PM EST

Hey guys, i have been a member of CB2 for bout 3+ months. I have survived by sort of figuring out as i go along, and mostly keeping to myself. But there is one thing i want to figure out....what in the name of everything holy does Insta up/down mean...and how does it work??

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 27 2006 6:26 PM EST

You upgrade 'instant'ly to another's item by paying a certain percent (around 65-80%) of the Net Worth. So its a trade to get a better item.

QBRanger January 27 2006 6:27 PM EST

Lets say a HOD with a NW of 500k and someone else has a HOD NW 1 million.

YOu can offer to insta UP to his HOD, that is swapping HODs with you paying a % of the NW difference.

This difference is usually 70% or around there for items that can be forged, higher for elven gear which cannot.

Remember the items have to be the same for it to be a true inst up or down, just difference NW.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 27 2006 6:28 PM EST

Tattoos, are an odd variation of %'s to trade for, dont know what the set % is....i've seen tattoos insta from 50%-120%

Flamey January 27 2006 6:29 PM EST

ok i had the same problem.

i think its like this.


my RoS has a NW of about 1 mil.

i want to ''insta up'' my RoS. at a rate of 70%

so i find someone with a RoS higher than mine with a NW of about 6 mil.

so you take the difference,5 mil, and then 70% of 5 mil you pay that guy 70% of 5 mil and trade tattoos

and if i wanted to "insta down" i would get paid, but in return a smaller tattoo.

if this is wrong someone tell me

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 27 2006 6:30 PM EST


QBRanger January 27 2006 7:32 PM EST

With respect to tattoos:

The higher level tattoos can go for over 150%.

I have been offered an insta for 250% of the NW difference but turned it down. As tattoos cannot be raised by the Blacksmith, they fall into an entirely new class of instas.

Crux Terminatus January 28 2006 2:25 AM EST

wow, I have seen the Thanks for the help and the info guys, im going to go try and put my new found information to the test, and pray i don't look too

thanks again

QBPixel Sage January 28 2006 2:29 AM EST

Haha, don't worry about it Crux. Took me the longest to figure out until someone explained it to me.

Stephen January 28 2006 3:25 AM EST

I sense an imminent wiki addition....
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