CB Info Website: Beta Testing (in General)

QBPixel Sage February 5 2006 6:46 PM EST

Hey all. I've been working quite hard on this community website, so I hope all goes well. Here's a random breakdown of the website, some of which you may already know.

1. Four Categories. News includes opinions on changelog, notices of anything important, or even random things like Lukey betting against everyone =P. Art will include any comics (if anyone should make any), themes, etc. Strategies will include anything from full-blown strategies to single-items strategies to graphs on item upgrade curves. Insider will have interviews, deep-thought posts, etc. If you guys can really think of another BIG category, let me know.

2. Advertisements. Users will be able to purchase ad space on a per-day payment (5k/day). The time the advertisement will be up will actually be longer than a day due to ensure everyone gets at least what they pay for. Money collected will be split up evenly among the admins/sub-admins and the rest used for special events and contests. (Oh, a contest category? Hmmm... though it could go in the news...)

3. Roles.

Admin: Only me, Pixel Sage, to ensure no one tampers with the site backend.
Sub-Admins: Able to edit users, edit/moderate/publish/create comments and posts. Will be in charge of proof-reading/publishing posts and using the spel cheker. =P
Editors: Nearly the same capabilities as sub-admins, but can not edit users. Also in charge of publishing posts/spell checking.
Contributor: One who can write posts and comment. Can not publish posts.
Subscriber: One who can only read/comment.

4. Signups: I will create a thread for sign-ups (not yet). To become a subscriber, just post a request in the thread. To be a contributor, you must already be a subscriber, and have an article/piece of writing ready to be looked over to publish. To become an editor, you must have a good record of posts on the website. To become a sub-admin... you must be special. To become and admin, you must be me.

5. Usernames. Everyone's username on the site will reflect their username here. If they make a big change in their username on CB (such as from Pixel Sage to Pine Seller), they must contact me to change it on the site. Changes from something like Pooper to [CB1]Pooper will not require a change on the site. If name changing happens too often, I may start requiring a fee 10k, since I have to manually change the SQL table (since wordpress is incompetent and won't let me change it from the backend). Failure to contact me on name changes will result in... something, I don't know, haha.


Anyways, here's the stuff for the beta test. I will now take up to 8 signups for beta testing. I will allot two of each role (except admin) to those eight people, who can screw around on the site and notify me of any awkwardness. In order to qualify for beta testing, you must have been playing for at least 1 month and must be somewhat active in the forums. Use this form to sign up:


Username*: Type your username here.
Desired Role**: Type your desired role here. Only 2 per role can be taken!

* Your username MUST be your username on CB. However, if you have a username such as [CB1]Pooper, you may use either [CB1]Pooper or just Pooper.
** Sorry, only one space left for sub-admin. Crux Terminatus has one spot already, haha.


Once you have signed up, I will CM you your username and password. Beta testing will run for one week, and at the end of the week the site will be closed down for final adjustments before public release. All posts will be destroyed (Mwahahahahahaha...). Have fun!

QBPixel Sage February 5 2006 8:07 PM EST

Tyra has taken the last Sub-Admin spot.

Spots left: 2 of the following: Editor, Contributor, Subscriber

QBPixel Sage February 5 2006 10:47 PM EST

trigun has taken a spot as contributor by default (don't ask why =P).

Beta Testing Positions remaining: 2 editors, 1 contributor, 2 subscribers.

trigun February 5 2006 11:14 PM EST

lol wooot! ^_^

QBPixel Sage February 6 2006 3:14 AM EST

I think all the text in my first post scared people away, hehe. Anyways, I have ideas for opening day posts.

1. CB Tournament, hosted by Vestax
2. Lukey's recent jackpot with his bet against multiple people
3. Interview with... Ranger? Mikel? Jon?
4. Tyra's new theme

If you have ideas, post them!

Tyra February 6 2006 8:45 AM EST

I really like it... :)

very nice work...

I think I will post the ideas when Im trying stuff on your page...

{CB1}Lukeyman February 6 2006 10:37 AM EST

I will be an Editor

QBPixel Sage February 6 2006 1:59 PM EST

Lukey has taken an editor position.

Beta Testing Positions remaining: 1 editor, 1 contributor, 2 subscribers.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] February 6 2006 3:20 PM EST

I'll be a professional critic, and I don't need any pay while I'm at it!

th00p February 6 2006 3:30 PM EST

I can be an editor.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 6 2006 3:31 PM EST

I will be a subscriber.

BootyGod February 6 2006 5:43 PM EST

I would also like to be an editor but if u want th00p that cool too.

AdminShade February 6 2006 5:53 PM EST

tested some things, works fine so far :)

QBPixel Sage February 6 2006 6:00 PM EST

Alrighty, all spots are now taken, with Shade taking the last spot of contributor (sorry, had to move you down to fill in beta spots =D).

Commence with beta testing! Check all functions of the websites and see if anything isn't working properly.


QBPixel Sage February 6 2006 9:16 PM EST

Attention beta testers,

Here's an update on the site:

1. The lag on writing/editing posts has been fixed. Disabled g-zip compression.
2. I need anyone who can to try different browsers, and see if it all works.
3. Recent Comments module has been added

Things to do

1. Add an FAQ section
2. Create the Register page
3. ... more stuff?
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