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Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 6 2006 11:50 AM EST

should i buy another minion for 10mil or should i wait till my NUB runs out and start a NCB char?
what you people think

YOU February 6 2006 12:23 PM EST

Enlist for $7,164,616 my cost to buy a minion.
how yours is 10mil?

bartjan February 6 2006 12:27 PM EST

Single minion.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 6 2006 12:39 PM EST

its probely cost more because i only have 1 minion and you have 3

AdminShade February 6 2006 12:59 PM EST

not at all because it is based on the experience of your most powerful minion, and not based on total experience.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] February 6 2006 1:01 PM EST

which means that since AoD has only one minion it will be far more powerful than any of the 3 Haterz(YOU) has due to dilution of exp.
Therefore it is because AoD only has one and Haterz(YOU) has 3 :)

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 6 2006 1:10 PM EST

this thread is for some advice not why its 10mil for me and 7mil for someone else

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] February 6 2006 1:13 PM EST

Where I come from, helping someone by answering their question is good manners.
Is being rude about it good manners where you live?

AdminShade February 6 2006 1:17 PM EST

Angel: i was trying to help you by correcting something you understood wrongly.

think again when you try to snap at people helping you.

YOU February 6 2006 1:28 PM EST

It's very simple. You try to sell the tattoo to get 10mil to buy new minions. after that you might have only 1 path (without USD) to get a named ROE. In the end, you gain more mpr and your real fighting ability is reduced to 30%. Without your toe I will eat you alive.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 6 2006 6:09 PM EST

i didnt snap at you people, if you felt that way then im sorry, i was just saying that i still need the advice on what to do and not about how much a minion cost

Shadowsparkle [Jago] February 6 2006 7:06 PM EST

If you really need another minion, I would save up for the cheap one. I guess its around 3 to 4 million CB2 in your case.
You can have the cash together in about 3 weeks, and don't have to sell your tattoo.

Starting over with NCB will most likely not bring you further then you are now, as you don't have the cash to buy much BA.

AdminShade February 7 2006 12:27 AM EST

The weak one is really weak, and not worth the money. You'd always want to buy the higher priced one because it is the only way, apart from buying a character, to buy experience directly.

trigun February 7 2006 1:02 AM EST

i say save money till your nub ends then start fresh with an ncb character.

Shadowsparkle [Jago] February 7 2006 4:22 AM EST

Shade, you're right that the cheap one is very weak, but it all depends from how you see it.
I don't see how a second minion could help him more than his ToE (which he want to sell to get the minion).
From my own experience I know I will never get the cash for the big one together. Every time I saved up another million, the cost for the minion went up about 700k. So even if its weak, the cheap one would be my choice.
On the other hand he has a mage, and don't need the cash, like me, to upgrade his equipment. And he still has NUB, which should give him more cash in a shorter time.

I only try to help Angel, and of course this is just my point of view.

QBJohnnywas February 7 2006 4:34 AM EST

Keep the tattoo and save up your money for another minion. As a mage you have nothing else to spend money on apart from buying BA. You'll never be able to replace the tattoo - lose your tattoo and even with another minion you'll be fighting at a much lower score level.

Even if you start an NCB you'll be able to use the tattoo - when you equip it on a lower level char you'll always be at max tattoo level for a very long time therefore getting the most from the tatto at all times.

Don't sell it.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 7 2006 4:42 AM EST

so if i dont sell my tattoo and start saving for the 10mil, ill need a month or 2 and by then i need 3-4 mil more so ill start a NCB and sell this char for cb2 or usd (depends on how much they wanne buy it for)
if i sell or retire this char the cost of my ba will go down (i hope), ill keep my tattoo but ill train another 1 and sell that 1 when i can equip my old 1

now i only need a strat for a 2minion team with a ToE

QBJohnnywas February 7 2006 4:48 AM EST

For a good 2 minion team with a ToE - check out GentlemanLoser's character Tate. CoC mage and a trollskin armour/mage shield wall. You can do this with an FB mage but the friendly fire you get in melee will do you more damage.

Personally, with the power of your mage I would stick with it as a single minion character for as long as you can. You stand a very good chance, if you stick with it, of getting your character into the top five. Depends on what you want out of a character of course, but the NCB is no guarantee of success. Sure, once your NUB runs out you go back to normal rewards, but the NCB only gives you boosted XP rewards. You'll be down to basic cash rewards with it.

Shadowsparkle [Jago] February 7 2006 5:05 AM EST

Keeping your ToE is a good choice.

And I can just second Johnnywas last post.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 7 2006 5:13 AM EST

if i keep going with this char i will maby get in the top 5 of mpr but i will never beat the top 5 players, they all to strong for a single mage and they usd players so they ultra strong

Shadowsparkle [Jago] February 7 2006 5:22 AM EST

And you think you can beat them when you come back with a 2 minion NCB char?

QBJohnnywas February 7 2006 5:51 AM EST

The top five are ultra strong but that doesn't mean they are unbeatable. Talk to Ranger about FB mages - they can beat him, with persistence.

The other thing to remember is that damage improvements to the USD chars become more and more expensive as time goes on. At some point they will be reliant on the xp additions to their chars and not be able to add another x or + to their weapons. Whereas the single minion just gets bigger and bigger, and if it's a mage for no cost whatsoever.

The single most important piece of information any player should know is this: to run a successful character, especially in the upper levels requires, persistence, patience and the ability to be online as often as you can. The rest of it, USD, biggest tattoo, largest weapons; these all count for something, but don't matter as much.

The real reason Ranger is at number 1 is his sheer stubbornness in the face of opposition. That is the winning strategy in CB.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 7 2006 6:53 AM EST

yes shadow, i think i can beat them with a 2minion char

you may by right johnny but by that time a 2minion char could be able to beat him, the good thing about a 2minion team is if i want a 1 minion char again cuz he could be beter i just have to retire a minion

i just wanne try it and i will try it too :p

Shadowsparkle [Jago] February 7 2006 7:19 AM EST

If you start a new char with 2 minion and decide to fire one any time later, your MPR would be split into half.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide to do :)
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