Ranger misses Li Li (in Off-topic)

QBRanger February 13 2006 5:25 PM EST

Li Li,

Will you please come home?

Xiaz on Hiatus February 13 2006 5:26 PM EST

Eats, shoots and leaves?

QBJohnnywas February 13 2006 5:28 PM EST

So, do we have to go round the world zoos to find a suitable mate for Li Li? Sou Sou in Beijing is in need of a valentine date....

Undertow February 13 2006 5:29 PM EST

Li Li's soul is mine for all eternity. Mwhahahaha!

AdminG Beee February 13 2006 5:41 PM EST

Li Li's soul is yours until my daughters notice I changed it and give me a hard time !

flamewind February 13 2006 5:46 PM EST

You know, some people might find this offensive...

gooey muppet February 13 2006 5:49 PM EST

Some people also have no sense of humor.

AdminG Beee February 13 2006 5:51 PM EST

It's ok - we're in the clear.

for users with a name like "some people"

* No members found.

gooey muppet February 13 2006 5:53 PM EST

ba dump bump CHING

flamewind February 13 2006 5:53 PM EST

So, even if something offends some people, as long as it has some sense of humor [like, it's made to be a joke], it's allowed?

[By the way, I'm not talking about mysel. I don't really care.]

gooey muppet February 13 2006 5:55 PM EST

You do know this is about undertow's name change fiasco right?

flamewind February 13 2006 5:56 PM EST

Yeah, but I remember someone changing his name to something about Bush, and people got angry.

gooey muppet February 13 2006 5:57 PM EST

In this case his name got changed to that by an admin because it was funny. And in the case of Down With Bush, it wasnt the first time he had been a nuisance.

flamewind February 13 2006 6:00 PM EST

So as long as an admin thinks it's funny, it's okay? Alright.

QBOddBird February 13 2006 6:04 PM EST

flamewind, stop being stupid. That's about all it amounts to.

sssimmo February 13 2006 6:06 PM EST

Generally Mr B will not do anything that warrants any questioning from the cheap seats.

And referring to Fat Tony/Down with Bush.....he was simply a jerk.

Stephen February 13 2006 6:06 PM EST

Down with Bush was a political statement.

Li Li the Panda offends nobody.

flamewind February 13 2006 6:09 PM EST

It's mocking a culture, but whatever. Carry on.

AdminG Beee February 13 2006 6:11 PM EST

flamewind, you're right. I apologise to all Panda out there who are reading this forum.

QBJohnnywas February 13 2006 6:14 PM EST

Planet of The Panda. Undertow crash lands on a crazy world where Pandas are the rulers and mankind is enslaved....

Maelstrom February 13 2006 6:14 PM EST

I just asked a Chinese friend of mine if he thought pandas would find the name Li Li offensive. Luckily, he said they wouldn't.

sssimmo February 13 2006 6:15 PM EST

Speaking of jokes:

Q. How many Panda does it take to get upset about a politically incorrect forum thread.

A. None. Panda have a great sense of humour.

QBJohnnywas February 13 2006 6:16 PM EST

They make great drinking buddies too. Not great dates mind....

sssimmo February 13 2006 6:20 PM EST

Great for picking up chicks too. I had a panda once and I had never seen so much action....

Stephen February 13 2006 6:21 PM EST

Johnny, the panda just wasn't that into you. Get over it and move on.

QBJohnnywas February 13 2006 6:21 PM EST

I wasn't too fussed to be honest with you. Now Pooh Bear, he brought honey...

Stephen February 13 2006 6:22 PM EST

But Piglet wanting to watch all the time, that was weird.

QBJohnnywas February 13 2006 6:24 PM EST

And as for Tigger...

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 13 2006 7:04 PM EST

I draw the line at "Tigger" comments. Offend me and I'll tell on you.

QBBarzooMonkey February 13 2006 7:09 PM EST

Okay, now I am offended. Pooh Bears do not fancy randy Englishmen...


QBJohnnywas February 13 2006 7:14 PM EST

Excuse me for being rude. It was not me it was my food.

Randy englishmen lol ;)

Stephen February 13 2006 7:14 PM EST

What do you think became of Christopher Robin?

QBJohnnywas February 13 2006 7:15 PM EST

Didn't he go to London to see the queen?

NSFY February 13 2006 7:23 PM EST

The wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers ARE WONDERFUL THINGS!!!! Stupid spellchecker doesn't know Tiggers!!!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 13 2006 7:25 PM EST


[T]Vestax February 13 2006 7:27 PM EST


Undertow February 13 2006 9:27 PM EST

Bast, get off me, your so too old for me.

Blarg February 13 2006 9:37 PM EST

is this thread now "hey! lets spew random stuff!"? Stick to the subject, people! Now, lets hear from the next broken-hearted person missing Li Li the panda.

Maelstrom February 13 2006 9:40 PM EST

You know, I was just walking home from my office (where I had read this thread), and along the way I noticed that someone had spelled "Pooh" in the snow on their front lawn...

Xiaz on Hiatus February 13 2006 10:56 PM EST

Was it in yellow coloured font?

QBBarzooMonkey February 13 2006 11:20 PM EST

"Random spew", yuck! Li Li would never spew random words in the snow. I miss Li Li, too.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 13 2006 11:46 PM EST

I'd still pay to get Li Li back.

(Undertow, that's the sort of presumptuousness that's just funny from kids your age. You are no Soup.)

Maelstrom February 13 2006 11:57 PM EST

Someone had walked on the snow to spell "Pooh" - quite large, covering the whole lawn.

Hear that folks? Bast will pay someone to rename themselves "Li Li" ;)

Sukotto [lookingglas] February 14 2006 12:22 AM EST

Speaking as a former Panda (in CB1), I think it's cute.

Xiaz on Hiatus February 14 2006 12:29 AM EST

Former Panda? How did you stop being a Panda? Why did you stop? Couldn't take the pandamonium? Aha, Aha, Aha, I'm so funny. :P

Maelstrom February 14 2006 12:31 AM EST

Reincarnation, man.

sssimmo February 14 2006 12:32 AM EST

Yeah! In CB1 I was a duck. A little black duck to be precise.

Xiaz on Hiatus February 14 2006 12:33 AM EST

And now you're a beautiful swan? Don't look like it. ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 14 2006 5:12 AM EST

On the whole Panda abuse subject, the rumoured new alliance for the WoW expansion is Pandaren (humaniod Panda people). An old WC April Fools joke. They have classes usch as 'Brewmasters' and are fun loving beer drinking fighters. But people have said this is higly unlikely, as the Chinese government doesn't like abuse of Pandas, and if included in the game (which is played in China) would feature a lot of Panda like people being killed in various ways.... But the I doubt the fun loving, beer drinking, saturday night fighters themselves would get too fussed about it. Ah, gotta love HTML and nospellcheck. I'm ust too lazy to fix my spelling errors! ;) If they are the new race, I might have to renew my subscription and make Li Li the Pandaren! ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 14 2006 5:14 AM EST

>_< forgot <br> >_<

Stephen February 14 2006 5:15 AM EST

You also forgot to take your medication.
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