Multi: Drownedbubble / The Boss / bandit (in Public Record)

AdminG Beee February 15 2006 5:32 PM EST

Banned both The Boss and bandit. Reset Drownedbubble.

IndependenZ February 15 2006 6:21 PM EST

Yikes... an old player like him should know better. :|

Drownedbubble February 15 2006 7:22 PM EST

Ok, as we're not multies can someone please show me the evidence that was used to determin this?

Bandit is a player from deadawaken that i was selling head(items from that game) to for CB $. I know fro sure that we never shared an ip addy as i don't know where is the world he's from. I will contact bandit in DA and hope that he can creat a new account here (as his was banned) to confirm his identiy.

Anyway, G Beee if you could contact me I would appreacite it.

bandit2 February 16 2006 2:56 AM EST

It's great to know a game like this is going to be ruined by lame admins without any idea how to do there job. We all have different ip adresses, since we probably all live in different states!!!! Hell I don't even know if they are in the same country as me, I never asked. I don't know who the boss is, as I never met him. I am not a Multi of drownedbubble, I am my own character, and we have a bussiness arangement between our characters, like db just stated. If this nazi like abuse of power is any indication of what this game is about, I warn all of the rest of you to be prepared to be banned, and reset whenever an admin has a bad day.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 16 2006 2:58 AM EST

Well, now you've done it. Throwing around that word means you're finished for being an idiot, if not a multi.

bandit2 February 16 2006 3:02 AM EST

Oh and thanks for ruining all my work I did on my character, and destroying the clan I started. Did you even research to check ip adresses, and log in time? I'm sure at some point we must have both been online at the same time from different ip adresses, or do you bother to check logs before you ruin someone's hard work?

bandit2 February 16 2006 3:03 AM EST

well your a moron, and if they can't do there job than they deserve what they get. you didn't get banned for doing nothing wrong, and lost all of your work did you? Well then shut up, and mind your own bussiness.

Stephen February 16 2006 3:04 AM EST

Bandit, you invoked Godwin's Law. This thread is over.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 16 2006 3:04 AM EST

You are the one who claims this is "hard work". ;)

bandit2 February 16 2006 3:08 AM EST

Hard or not, I spent time. If your time is worthless to you, than that is your problem. Mine is not worthless to me.

Drownedbubble February 16 2006 3:09 AM EST

Bandit please calm down and give the admins a chance to look things over.

@ everyone:
I'm sorry for bandits anger but I'm sure most of you would feel the same way if your characters were reset with warning or even a chatmail.

@ the admins: I am trying to reach the boss, he is a friend from school but as it is reading week here he is in mexico until some time next week I will ask him to respond if this is not closed/resolved by then.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 16 2006 3:11 AM EST

Stephen wins!

bandit2 February 16 2006 3:14 AM EST

G beee basically said I am a cheat, and a liar, by destroying MY character, when I have done nothing wrong, I get mad about loseing my time, and haveing my character destroyed. Because this guy couldn't take time to check and make sure his assumptions are correct. And then posted it on this board, he is the one who has done wrong here not me. I wouldn't even be here posting if this guy had done his job right in the first place.

Drownedbubble February 16 2006 3:17 AM EST

I have messaged Dan the creator/admin from deadawaken to contact GBeee in reguards to providing evidence to support the one sided transfers between bandit and I.

Saddly In the 4 plus years I've been playing CB1 and now CB2 I can't remember a time when a player won the I'm not a multi dicussion after the admin had reset them so all of this is probally not going to end well.

All of this could have been avoided if GBeee had tried to contact any of us before he decided we were guilty.

QBJohnnywas February 16 2006 3:32 AM EST

Drowned, seeing as you are a long time player surely you can see how it looks, especially as you never posted about your deal to cover yourself.

PirateKing February 16 2006 3:39 AM EST

Ok bandit, since you wanted someone to check first, I'll ask a question.(even though I am not in any way an admin or someone who can change your situation)

Between Jan. 8 and Feb 15, why did you transfer so much money to Drownedbubble for no apparent reason?

There the question has been asked.

QBPixel Sage February 16 2006 3:58 AM EST

Guys, let's put this in proper perspective. Let's not decide -who's- right, but instead -what's- right.

As you all know admins are humans, meaning they're not perfect. However, I take it that G Beee played by the rules and did his usual research to help make his decision to see whether or not these accounts were of a multi. As you can see, his research pointed him to believe that these accounts did belong to a multi.

I'll assume that bandit has been playing a long time from his posts. Spending a lot of time on something and having lost all of it isn't the best feeling in the world, hence his anger. Though in general I don't like anger, I understand why he's reacting like this. He's pissed. I would be too if an admin reset my account for being a multi when I am not, even though I've been playing for less than 5 months (which is still a long time).

I believe G Beee did do his usual research. Jon would likely have chosen only those who are capable of being an admin. If bandit and the other accounts were not a multi, that doesn't mean G Bee is incapable of his job. If I were an admin and I found evidence that several accounts belonged to a multi, I'd take action on it. Have legitimate separate users in the past been banned for being multis? I believe so, and I even feel a little guilty that I may have been involved with the banning of non-multis.

So here's how to sum it up. G Beee banned these three accounts because he was lead to believe it belonged to a multi. bandit (and probably the other two) are unhappy because they just lost something they invested a lot into. I'd say both are reasonable, G Beee with his action, and bandit with his anger.

What to do now? I have an important question: Is there an unban button? If not, then why not? I think in cases such as this, it'd be useful.

Of course, before we even go there, I say let bandit and the others provide their proof of not being multis. Give them a chance, and it seems to me that they aren't multis.

On a separate note, and I don't mean to be pointing fingers or anything, remember when people said CB2's community could never be as good as it was in CB1? Well, after reading some of the responses in this thread, I am starting to believe that is true.

AdminG Beee February 16 2006 4:19 AM EST

bandit2 banned (thanks Bart - as often happens you got there before me).

As for bubble... QUACK !

As usual I'm not going into the detail but suffice to say that bubble went to some lengths to make sure these accounts were never discovered as a multi account. The cry "check the IPs" only makes me more convinced that he knew exactly what he was doing and I now wonder whether I was right to leave one account active and not ban them all.

I think the word multi is often seen in the wrong context and is somehow glorified as a lovable rogue. Multi = Cheat. Cheat = someone who is screwing us all over.
I have no sympathy for a cheat !

Drownedbubble has had his say and is now forum banned because I don't want to read his garbage anymore.

QBPixel Sage February 16 2006 4:29 AM EST

Huh? Who's Bart? Stephen? Bast?

QBPixel Sage February 16 2006 4:36 AM EST

Oh... bartjan =D

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 16 2006 11:13 AM EST

With botnets all teh rage in middle schools these days *snicker*...
ip's are going to be a less and less effective way of tracking multis.

Don't make one sided transfers to less than well known folks who happen to log in and and burn BA in sequence with you, you might get reset...

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] February 16 2006 11:23 AM EST

Is it possible to appeal of such decisions? Pixel sage believes that errors have occurred in the past, and I do not know of a single justice in the whole world that never did a mistake...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 16 2006 11:34 AM EST

Can you think of any plausable way to prove (in this case) that the accused are not the same person? It seems unlikely that proof could be had to me, where as there was obviously enough evidence (one sided transfers, "secret" admin evidence) to bring down the hammer (of doom).

Don't be silly about transfers, always post if you are making a one sided transfer in trade for items in another game (or in trade for purchase of an item online) and you should be fine...

AdminShade February 16 2006 11:40 AM EST

errors, if they have taken place, have been corrected afaik. but that was before my admin time :)

Gilgamesh2090 [NCB Shop] February 16 2006 11:42 AM EST

have to go with the admins on this one - they are efficient as far as I can see and they must have a legitimate way, like they say, of indicating who is a multi and who is not. If it was not for this additional way of detecting multis there would probably be several users who, at the face value of IP addresses and such, would be banned by now including me. Bottom line is, the admins are human and could make a mistake but they have tools to catch multis effectively. Have a little faith in the admins.

SNK3R February 16 2006 4:39 PM EST

"What to do now? I have an important question: Is there an unban button? If not, then why not? I think in cases such as this, it'd be useful." - Pixel Sage

In past events, there have been occasions where characters/users have been restored to previous states and unbanned. There is the possibility of it happening depending on certain circumstances and scenarios. However, it is extremely rare that Jon unbans anyone.

References: [1], [2], [3]

YOU February 16 2006 6:08 PM EST

lol it was me who reported you. Blame me! But then again, "Bandit2" screaming for the lost of money (75k?) and destroyed his character (18k mpr?) made me laugh. The one should be complaining is Drownedbubble who lost > 5millions cb2 which is going to be putting up for USD sale the very next day. You hate me now?
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