Enforcer Crossbow actual power? (in General)

roy7 February 21 2006 1:43 PM EST

Wiki said .33% of your ST plus a constant. I just fought The Suffering who has one and no EC or other powers going on.

My "Revenge" with 20 ST got "weakened" once, and ended the battle at -35K ST. My tank is more around 15K ST, and ended the fight at -17K, I believe he got "weakened" 3 times.

From reading the wiki it sounded kinda weak and pointless, so I never tried one.. but just having been beat down into the dirt by it I see actually I need one and I need one now. :)

Just trying to get a feel for how strong are they really. What sort of + modifier did it take to nail my enchanter for -35K ST in one hit?

roy7 February 21 2006 1:50 PM EST

I was counting the 'weaker' messages, but just noticed:

Fight log will show "target is weaker" unless the exbow hit drains the target to below 0 strength (in which case no message is displayed).

So it took 3 hits to get my tank down to 0 since I only saw 3 messages. I'll ignore the big numbers under 0. Tank has about 18K ST. So it's draining around 6K-8K per hit.

And that still owns!

bartjan February 21 2006 1:56 PM EST

It mainly drains a percentage, so you'll want to compound the individual hits, not add them...

AdminShade February 21 2006 3:17 PM EST

if the exbow doesn't say "target is weaker" then the drain didn't triggered...

roy7 February 21 2006 7:55 PM EST

I think wiki is right on this one, the messages seem to stop after you are reduced to 0.

[T]Vestax February 21 2006 7:58 PM EST

Na, I'm sure the exbow your borrowing is broken. It does belong to me after all.

[T]Vestax February 21 2006 7:59 PM EST

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