Killed Untouchable for advertising in chat. (in Public Record)

AdminShade March 4 2006 9:08 PM EST

Things that are meant to go in WTB belong to forum, not chat.

1: He's not a new player so he knows the rules.
2: He advertised and thought it to be for my pleasure, not quite.

3: If people wonder why other people are kicked, why don't they direct questions to the persons actually done the kicking? Why do they have to ask the 'victims' of the kick "why have you been kicked?"

Untouchable March 4 2006 9:13 PM EST

Holy Guacamole. Strict indeed.

Your stricter than my 3rd period science teacher! argh!

AdminShade March 4 2006 9:13 PM EST


Xiaz on Hiatus March 4 2006 9:18 PM EST

Maybe, just maybe, Shade actually taught your 3rd period science teacher just how to be strict? :D
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