Todd returns (in General)

Todd March 16 2006 2:36 PM EST

Well, not really.

Seems like my work is going through some revisions on web policies, which has granted me temporary access to CB once again. It's been months and months since I have logged in.

So, is Jon still running this show?
Spydah still around?
FoD come back yet?

A big hello to NSFY! I see the old coot is still around.
I see the n00b Ranger is still kicking around too.. ah, good times.
Bast, ah, the I-have-something-to-prove wonder! I miss her. (kinda)
Is Sutukh still around?

I might pop in once in a while until the powers that be at work catch on again.


AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 16 2006 2:47 PM EST

nice to hear from you, yes Sut is around and being himself...

BootyGod March 16 2006 2:48 PM EST

Yes Jon is. I don't think Spydah is. FoD means nothing to me lol. Ranger is still kicking harder then ever. Bast is still odd. Sutukh is still around I believe. Fight the power Todd!!!

AdminShade March 16 2006 2:57 PM EST

Sutekh indeed is still around, along with some other true veterans :)

welcome back Toddles ^_^

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 16 2006 3:03 PM EST

Oh! All our prayers have been answered! I need to go light a candle or something.

(Of course, Spydah is still about!)

QBsutekh137 March 16 2006 3:18 PM EST

Hi, Todd! Welcome back! Fire up an NCB and let's see what you've got! *smile*

spydah March 16 2006 3:30 PM EST

Not seeing != not being there... just ask any religious type person.

Still here, and with my recent Pocket PC purchase, fighting all day once again ;)


spydah March 16 2006 3:34 PM EST

bah, forgot, FoD (Finger of Death) was the head shot insta-kill loserness of CB1, long long ago. I'll take the credit for putting that one into the ground, being the loudest of the rabble at that time.


QBOddBird March 16 2006 4:41 PM EST

Whoa, Todd's back. O_O

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] March 16 2006 4:44 PM EST

This post is designed to give Todd an unfair advantage.

sssimmo March 16 2006 5:36 PM EST

Someone had to say it...

IndependenZ March 16 2006 5:39 PM EST

*carps Todd and waits for a certain ExtremeNewbie to surpass him in MPR*

AdminG Beee March 16 2006 5:59 PM EST

Hey Todd, 

I just had a deja vu moment. Welcome back!

[T]Vestax March 16 2006 6:02 PM EST

Hey Todd,

I just had a deja vu moment. Welcome back!

Xiaz on Hiatus March 16 2006 7:11 PM EST


Lumpy Koala March 16 2006 7:41 PM EST

Hey Todd, 
I just had a deja vu moment. Welcome back!

RAMPAGE March 16 2006 7:48 PM EST

Welcome back Todd!

And we aren't sure if Jon is still running this show or if it is the other way around. =)

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] March 16 2006 9:49 PM EST

LoL...Welcome back Todd, haven't seen you since CB1

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] March 17 2006 11:22 AM EST

Hi Todd.

I for one am already waiting for another I QUIT!!!! thread ;)

Maelstrom March 17 2006 12:04 PM EST

Funny, but I thought Todd had been banned for having an unfair advantage...


Todd March 18 2006 11:06 AM EST

Alas, I have neither the time nor inclination to work on a viable character. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to the game that entertained me for a few years.
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