Scammed money (in Public Record)

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] March 18 2006 11:10 AM EST

I loaned CoheedandCambria 3.2 mil on loan and recieved one payment from him/her. Since then he has not logged on and therefore my chatmails have not been sent. I have tried emailing his address, but again no reply. I have given him plenty of time. Should i just write off this cash as gone or is there any mode of action. Any way to get some of my money back?

QBRanger March 18 2006 11:13 AM EST

Unfortunately there is no way for admins to recover your money, and it states in numerous places admins are not in the money/item recovery business. You do, however, have the option of having him reset if he broke the terms of the loan and it can be proved.

There was a thread a bit ago about "Monty insurance". I think if you participated in that you have a chance at getting a % of your money back.

QBJohnnywas March 18 2006 11:16 AM EST

Plus it's only been a week since last log-in. Might be holidays or computer trouble - I'd be patient and give it a little more time before shouting scam.

BootyGod March 18 2006 11:47 AM EST

If for some reason he does NOT log back in to repay you the Public Record Fund will help. We can't give a full refund but a partial one. By the way you do not have to donate to get a refund from us. But if we do not get donations we can't exactly help people get their money back can we?

BlueWolf March 19 2006 10:36 AM EST

........... *is shocked that GW is part of that*
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