Carnage Blender 2 (in General)

BootyGod March 29 2006 4:36 PM EST

I feel that given what has been happening recently that people should stop trying to find something to be mad at.
What I ask for here is for each player to write something they love about this game. There are things to like or love. Think about it. Do not be sarcastic or mean or a flamer. If someone says they love something you can take it up with them via pm not here.

As for me.... I love the fact that everyone here cares. About something at the least.

QBRanger March 29 2006 4:37 PM EST

Personally I do love the interaction in the chat.

And I do love the strategy part of the game, sort of like adult chess.

ScY March 29 2006 4:38 PM EST

i live the community

th00p March 29 2006 4:38 PM EST

I love being able to come here not just to burn BA and waste money on my NCB, but to be able to enjoy myself in chat and forums as I patiently wait for my BA to replenish. (Trivia is awesome!)

Dudley Dotson March 29 2006 4:38 PM EST

I love all the cool people that help me and the chat a jokes :-]

monkeh March 29 2006 4:39 PM EST

I love the random changes that get everyone going so much :P

Played Jon :)

QBOddBird March 29 2006 4:39 PM EST

I love the lack of l33t, and the lack of "looking-down". Like in RS, everyone is called a noob from the time they sign on until they get off - even at its worst point, CB is better. ^_^

and I love ze ladies. *wink wink*

QBJohnnywas March 29 2006 4:39 PM EST

I love the cloud of love and group hugs that sometimes descends after a down period. I love watching a character grow - although my score has dropped a LOT today. I love the interplay between large personalities in the community.

I love you all ;)

monkeh March 29 2006 4:40 PM EST

Oh and Jon finally swearing in the PR - now what was the word he used though??

ScY March 29 2006 4:40 PM EST

...that would be love the community ;)

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] March 29 2006 4:41 PM EST

I love loving love
And i love the botchecks
I also love my mommy and my daddy
I love the stories Lukey makes
I love striving to get to the top but not making it :)
I love trivia
But most of all i love the chat in cb such great people to talk to

BootyGod March 29 2006 4:41 PM EST

/me carps the Monkeh.
I asked for nothing like that. This is supposed to remind people why we play and love this game.

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] March 29 2006 4:41 PM EST

I love the interaction with the community and the great players that we have on here. I love the free market that works largely on its own. But both are intertwined quite a bit, and I am saddened to see what killing the trading environment does to the interaction.

I only hope we go back to the way it was. We still have the great community mind you, but right now a lot of people have a lot of anger and resentment.

monkeh March 29 2006 4:42 PM EST


I also <3 the battle carp :P

monkeh March 29 2006 4:43 PM EST


Sir Leon [Soup Ream] March 29 2006 4:44 PM EST

I love the chat here and that everyone treats eachother with respect most of the time. You dont have to earn it as its given to you. It is up to you to lose it. Everyone here acts as if they know you in real life and they treat you with the highest respect.

For some reason now days this has changed and i cant wait for it to get back to normal.

QBPit Spawn [Abyssal Specters] March 29 2006 4:46 PM EST

i like the community, it keeps me playing, and like all families we fight, but hopefully we can get back together again, like a family

BootyGod March 29 2006 4:46 PM EST

I love the fact that after everything, the BA counter on the front page is still going up.

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] March 29 2006 4:48 PM EST

he didnt ask what you like pit but what you loved.... read the post :P
i choose you pikachu :)

I love CB!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 29 2006 4:48 PM EST

I Love You All!

Especially after some beer! ;)

BootyGod March 29 2006 4:48 PM EST

Read it again.
"there are some things to like or love"
I do not care. It is beautiful. All of it.

QBOddBird March 29 2006 4:49 PM EST


I love random CMs from GL after he drinks!

Adminedyit [Superheros] March 29 2006 4:52 PM EST

I'm with GL on that one I love beer as well :8^)

{CB1}Lukeyman March 29 2006 4:55 PM EST

I love..... hmmm........

Love is such a stong word.... how can one love somthing? without one being loved back? or can it be a bond of one? one..... Carnage Blender 1, thats what I love.


/me agrees with GL

QBBarzooMonkey March 29 2006 4:56 PM EST

I love the strategy, the changes that sometimes make one scramble with adjustments to put you off of the favorites list of someone who was on your the day before.

I love nurturing characters, watching them them grow more and more kick-butt.

I love that your can really personalize your characters with the item naming.

I especially love that this is a community of some really smart, really creative people. It makes the forums fun (most of the time), and it makes running creative contests fun (which I also love).

But I don't love chat because I'm too old and slow to keep up with the all the scrolling :)

BootyGod March 29 2006 4:59 PM EST

Lukey... *carps the Lukey*.... too close to being something I do not want discussed.

I love the fact that everyone here still cares is awesome. Thanks guys. For still caring.

IndependenZ March 29 2006 5:03 PM EST

I love the addiction. ;)

BootyGod March 29 2006 5:37 PM EST

I love everyone who had reply to this thread.

th00p March 29 2006 5:38 PM EST

I Love you too GW o.O

AdminG Beee March 29 2006 5:38 PM EST

I love me and all the other admins 'coz we're cool and everyone else isn't :)

I love forums and chat when people confuse humour with satire.

I love Verifex for giving us his GM script.

I love clicking and the sense of completion when my stats hit a round number.

I love the fact that although I've been playing for over 3 years I still get upset when I miss my BA.

I love the fact that with a loan of Ranger's uber DB's I can beat Bast and give a little payback for all those months she's been stomping me into the ground :)

I love the look on my kids face when wifey and I talk about CB at the dinner table and they don't know what we're on about.

I love spending time on CB when the alternative would be TV.

BootyGod March 29 2006 5:56 PM EST

G is a romantic and didn't even knwo it.

BootyGod March 29 2006 6:26 PM EST

So there are the only people who love this game eh? Thats it? Come on people, I know you love this game or you wouldn't be playing it.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 29 2006 6:28 PM EST

"I love clicking and the sense of completion when my stats hit a round number."

I thought I was the only wierd person like that! :D

QBJohnnywas March 29 2006 6:32 PM EST

'I love the look on my kids face when wifey and I talk about CB at the dinner table and they don't know what we're on about. '

I like this image. Those poor children! ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 29 2006 6:35 PM EST

When will they sign up? ;) G, you need to network a few more PCs at home. Get the whole family playing! :D Make a family Clan! ;) :P

I've got some old clunkers I need to get rid of! ;)

AdminG Beee March 29 2006 6:43 PM EST

If I could get rid of one old clunker then it would free up a PC for one of the kids to use.

/me hopes the "old clunker" in question doesn't read this post or I'm done for !

Keeping back on-topic so I don't get a hard time from anyone.

I love carp.

drudge March 29 2006 8:49 PM EST

"I love the fact that after everything, the BA counter on the front page is still going up.

--Atheist Knight (GW), 4:46 PM EST"

spot on! well done! bravo! i think we got more players now than we did yesterday =)

Phrede March 29 2006 11:39 PM EST

I love buying other peoples characters and big weapons and annoying lots of people :)

Shark March 29 2006 11:51 PM EST

I love CB......., because at work I cant download anything and most times theres not a lot for me to do.So until CB requires a Download I guess I'll be here tending to my midnight boredom...Mr. Lobster says he loves the Free Carpsandwiches and Carpsicles (V)oo(V) he loves a free meal !!!

Blarg March 30 2006 1:36 AM EST

I loved what CB gave to me these past years, it was just what I needed then.

I love almost everyone whose ever been here, except the cheaters. Especially those closest to me, you know who you are.

I love Jon, his dedication, his patience, and his creativity.

I love watching CB grow in new and interesting ways.

I loved every minute of it, and I love every minute in its future, a number which will probably be quite large.

Nakmirax March 30 2006 7:14 PM EST

I love that, even though I'm new, people really formed a welcoming community for me.

I love CB because I can find more honesty and generosity here than the real world.

I love CB because the chats are NOT filled with "hey what's your a/s/l" or "you wanna cyber", the chats can be silly, but just as often seems like a bunch of people hanging out, that serious topics are more appreciated then inane ones.

I love CB because you don't need money to have fun, if you really need something you can offer CB$ for it. Very rarely do you see anything in these days for free, much less anything this captivating.

I love CB because I don't have to "dumb down" my language when I'm being superflously verbose, even though I can't spell the most adequate level.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 30 2006 7:21 PM EST


I Love Nak's pic! ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 30 2006 7:39 PM EST

Nak, don't you get those beads at mardi gras for erm, exposing yourself?

Or have I just been watching the wrong sort of cable channels?

Nakmirax March 30 2006 8:16 PM EST PG do I have to be? Let's just say that there was plenty of drinking and debauchery, aka there was a lot of fun that night. Besides the fact, I think people would have given me all those beads just to keep my clothes on.

QBBarzooMonkey March 30 2006 8:21 PM EST

I love GL in a manly man, manly sort of man-way :P

Maelstrom March 31 2006 12:25 AM EST

Nakmirax, you've been farming me lately, so I haven't been liking you - but I like you now! Your post on what you like about CB described what I like about the game perfectly!

I should note that this is this first multi-player game I've gotten in to. All the other ones are full of annoying, belligerent, or immature people. And while I don't have anything against "non-PG" content, the rule here does seem to invite and encourage intelligent and interesting people and conversations.

I'll add a few more things:

I love the game interface! Everything is well organized, easy to find, understand and use, and very intuitive. On the surface it all seems simple and straightforward, but when you think of how the game really works, you realize there's all the complexity of Jon's crazy equations :)

I love that the game is constantly changing! I love the surprise and suspense of changemonths! I love the heated debates and analyses after changes!


I love silly late-night forum posts from drunken Brits ;)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 31 2006 12:33 AM EST

Mael obviously has something against drunken, late-night posts from Scots, though the rest of us find them equally delightful.

Maelstrom March 31 2006 12:43 AM EST

You're right, I do have something against them: they don't happen often enough! :)
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