Money glitch (in General)

AdminNightStrike March 30 2006 3:09 AM EST

I had 757k on one of my characters. I made a CM reply to Foolio, followed by making my own FS/WTB post. I then noticed that I was reduced to 733k. Why would this happen?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 30 2006 3:10 AM EST

25K Fine?

QBJohnnywas March 30 2006 3:14 AM EST

You got some arrows from auction. Would that be the reason why?

QBJohnnywas March 30 2006 3:16 AM EST

Mmm. Maybe not. It's too early for these puzzling questions.... ;)

AdminNightStrike March 30 2006 11:52 AM EST

If I was fined, I have no idea why, or if that was even the case. Do admins now not tell people when they break rules to go along with not telling them of the rules to begin with? I would hope not. This "community" is definitely.... different.

bartjan March 30 2006 12:05 PM EST

I can't guarantee that we never forget to tell you about a fine, but we usually do inform those who got fined.
Big fines do get their own post in Public Record; smaller fines in forum often are only announced in that thread.

AdminNightStrike March 30 2006 12:17 PM EST

I don't see a post in PR stating a fine levied against me. I also don't see a reference inside the post I made. Is it possible that there is an issue with posting in FS? Has anyone else who recently made a post there checked to verify if they lost $2k or more?

What is the recourse I'm supposed to take when $25k suddenly disappears?

AdminNightStrike April 1 2006 3:55 PM EST

I have asked already what to do about the sudden loss of 25k, but received no response. I will ask again -- what recourse do I take?

AdminShade April 1 2006 4:21 PM EST

You most likely got fined $25k if you lack 25k, or you spent the money but can't find out where...

AdminNightStrike April 1 2006 6:03 PM EST

Is there no log of fines? Whoever did it did not notify me as to why or when. I see not from whence the fine should have been derived. Do you?

AdminG Beee April 1 2006 6:25 PM EST

There's almost always an audit trail as the admins will send cash fines (via their admin chars) to Central Bank referencing the PR thread where the fine details are posted.

I don't believe you've been fined.

InebriatedArsonist April 1 2006 6:38 PM EST

Was there a rollback?

AdminNightStrike April 1 2006 7:59 PM EST

Thank you for the information, G_Bee. Where would a rollback record exist?

SNK3R April 2 2006 11:27 AM EDT

There isn't a public record of one. I'm not sure about this, but Jon may have rollbacks recorded. If not, well, then there wouldn't be a record. :)
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