Which sentence makes the most sense in your opinion? (in Off-topic)

AdminShade March 31 2006 12:12 PM EST

And here the misunderstood men because it was raining.

And here the miss understood men because it was raining.

note: say the sentence out loud.

Maelstrom March 31 2006 12:14 PM EST

First makes no sense. Second makes sense, but isn't very likely ;)

deifeln March 31 2006 12:15 PM EST


/me wonders when Bast will smell this post.

QBJohnnywas March 31 2006 12:21 PM EST

You have to say her name out loud three times while looking in a mirror. Then Bast will appear with her giant dictionary, bigger than any giant television....

WeaponX March 31 2006 12:21 PM EST

neither they are not sentences.

QBsutekh137 March 31 2006 12:24 PM EST

The second is most definitely a sentence. Not entirely standard since it begins with a conjunction, but it has a subject (miss) and verb (understood). It is not a fragment, so it must be a sentence.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 31 2006 12:32 PM EST

Miss as in unamrried woman or missed my target?

QBBarzooMonkey March 31 2006 12:38 PM EST

I'm with Maelstrom - sentence 2 is nonsense because any miss will tell you that she couldn't possibly understand men, raining or not...

Just ask Bast. :)

Arorrr March 31 2006 1:26 PM EST

When you need her the most...

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 31 2006 3:18 PM EST

What Shade means to stay is that "The Miss stood here (somehow) under the men, because it was raining."

Which is what you get if you say the second one out loud and don't know that "understood" is the past tense of "understand" as in, "to comprehend" and not a matter of place or relation. In the say-it-out-loud version -- "stood" being the past tense of "to get maintain oneself upright" and "under" modifying where or how she did so.

YOU March 31 2006 3:19 PM EST

as expected from Bast.


QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 31 2006 3:24 PM EST

My post is missing a /: "to get/maintain".

QBBarzooMonkey March 31 2006 3:29 PM EST

Yep. Still my heroine.

BootyGod March 31 2006 3:35 PM EST

3 hours and 6 minutes. She losing her touch. The first one makes sense.

{CB1}Lukeyman March 31 2006 3:35 PM EST

/me claps bravo

I was thinking the same thing

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 31 2006 3:45 PM EST

The first one would make sense with some context and commas.

As part of her tour, she pointed out for the investigator where everyone had been situated just prior to the power outage, "And here, the misunderstood men, because it was raining."

"The 'misunderstood men', ma'am?" The officer was clearly befuddled.

"Oh my, yes! The whole lot of them up to their knees in mud for no reason any of us could discern! They were about to explain why they were standing out here in the muck and rain, when the lights went out and the screaming started."

{CB1}Lukeyman March 31 2006 7:19 PM EST

Hahaha, Clever Bast strikes again
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