The Battle of Alatar: Chapter 7 (in Off-topic)

{CB1}Lukeyman April 1 2006 10:42 PM EST

Chapter 7

      Red, Dark and Desy set off on their journey towards Jonathan, they came up to a dark tunnel which went through a big mountain.
      "Lets just go around.", said Dark
      "No way!", replied Red, "We need to go through here to get to Jonathan quicker, it's just a little tunnel."
      "Yeah, but it takes us out to Memonites Forest's.", said Dark.
      "He's right Red, maybe we should go around?", questioned Desy.
      "No, we should go through, if we don't we risk losing too much time and energy.", demanded Red.
So off the trio went, into the tunnel.

      As they got a little ways into it, Red stopped them.
      "Wait, I think I heard something."
      "What is it?", whispered Dark.
A figure was coming towards them, and Red got into his fighting stance and said.
     "Who are you?"
     "It is Sir Leon, is that you Red?"
     "Yes.", said Red as he sheathed his Katana.
     "Sir Leon! Why have you followed us?", asked Desy.
     "Sorry m'lady, I wish you accompany you, I do not want you to get harmed."
     "Alright, come on you guys, lets keep moving, it's really dark in here." said Dark.

       Once they were out of the tunnel, they sat down to eat some lunch by a river. Red took out his rucksack with the food in it, and they each had a hearty bowl of chilli.
     "So where do we go now Red?", asked Dark, "Are you sure you want to go through the forest, The Memonites might find us!"
     "Yes, we need to, no matter what the danger, I must find Jon and stop him!"
     "Well, alright, lets do it Red, me and you!", said Dark.
     "Wait! Don't forget about me and Sir Leon!" Desy announced.
     "Alright alright!", said Red, "Let's just get going before it get's too dark.
Off they went, into The Memonites Forest. Not knowing what dangers were in store for them.

       Red, Desy, Sir Leon and Dark were walking in the woods, when everything seemed to be going fine.
     "It's really dark in here. Red.. I'm getting scared.", said Desy.
     "It's ok Desy, just stay by me, i'll protect you.", replied Red.
     "No princess, you should stay by me, I shall keep you safe.", said Sir Leon.
     "It's ok you two, I can take care of myself. Hey Dark, you doing ok?", asked Desy. "Dark?... Dark?"
     "Dark!?", called out Red.
     "Uh oh, where is he?", asked Sir Leon.
     "Daaaark?!?", cried out Red.

       Mem was above the trees, scoping out the forest for some animal to eat as he stumbled upon some people walking through his forest.
     "Well well well, what have we here?", Mem thought to himself.
He looked down and saw four people walking, and he got very angry that they were walking in his forest. He slowly followed behind them, and when the one at the back slowed down a pace, he jumped down, and snatched him up without a sound.
     "Shhhhh", whispered Mem with a Dirk to his victims throat, "Not a sound unless you want another air hole."
     "Who are you, and what are you doing in my woods?", asked Mem.
     "I..I..I'm D..D...Dark, and me and my friends ar...are going to stop Jonathan from hurting the p..p.people of Ecthelion."
     "Is that so, who are your friends?"
     "Red, son of Blue, Desy, princess of Elmoth, and Sir Leon, the princess' protector."
     "Ahhh, yes, I have heard of this, Red, one. There is quite a bounty on his head."
     "I...I.....Is that so?"
     "Yes, and I'm going to get him."
     "Ha!", said Dark, "Good luck, Red's the best fighter ev--"
Before Dark could finish his sentence, Mem's dirk was through his throat and he was dead before he hit the forest floor, and Mem was off to find Red.

       Red, Desy and Sir Leon were getting scared, Dark was gone, and they were lost in the woods. Red was trying to lead them, and keep up their hopes, but he himself was losing hope. Just then, A black figure jumped down from the tree tops and landed in front of them.
     "So you are Red, eh?" said the figure.
     "Yes, who are you?", asked Red as he unsheathed his Katana.
     "Huh, Mem's the name, a wimpy little sword eh? Lets see if you can fight with it."
Mem took out his Black, blood stained Club, with dragon teeth coming out of it and prepared for a fight.
     "Heh, nice club.", remarked Red, thinking that this was going to be easy, that club will slow him down so much.
But, do Red's horror, Mem jumped up, swinging the club like it was wind around his body, and stopped it right at Red's eye's.
     "You ready punk?", asked Mem.
Red felt a little trickle down his leg, and decided it was now or never. He took a swing at Mem's stomach, but, to his dismay, Mem swung around too fast for him to follow, and before he knew it, there was a powerful blow to his right arm, and he felt something shatter. He dropped his Katana and fell to the ground. Mem took out his Dirk and held it to Red's throat.
     "Too easy.", he said with a smirk.
Sir Leon dived at Mem to try and stop him, but before he even made contact with Mem, he had a dagger in his stomach, and began coughing up blood. He turned around and looked at the princess.
     "Sorry... M'Lady.....", and Sir Leon exhaled his last breath.
Desy sit there shivering with fear, Mem held the blood drenched dirk in Red's face again, but before he could finish him off, an arrow flew through the air, and caught Mem in the arm. Mem, surprised and injured, took off in a flash to regain his composer.

       Red felt the throbbing pain, and was on the vurge of passing out, when he saw someone come over him, and put their hand on his chest and he heard some muttered words, and as if by magic, he began feeling better.
     "Who are you?", he asked the strange being.
     "I am called, Pixel."

Nakmirax April 1 2006 11:42 PM EST

Good job Lukey, these are getting better. And yet another toast to you. Great way to start off the night.

RedWolf April 1 2006 11:49 PM EST

Wow, this was the best one yet. Didn't expect those two to die. It's not perfect, however; you've still got some grammatical errors ;-)

QBOddBird April 1 2006 11:59 PM EST

Cutie, good job again on the storytelling!

/me awaits the next chapter in this novel with bated breath.

Hyrule Castle [Defy] April 2 2006 12:23 AM EST

its good :( but some main chars died and ... :( *cries* very good thou

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 2 2006 7:16 AM EDT

Who is Mem's composer?
I may be able to help him find them.

{CB1}Lukeyman April 2 2006 10:54 AM EDT

Haha, yeah, sorry for that spelling error :p

It's "Composure" :p

And thanks everyone for reading :D

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] April 2 2006 11:06 AM EDT

Cant believe you made me die :P

lol, still a good story. Whens the next one? And will it turn out to be one of those weird twists the Dark and Leon didnt 'really' die and come back at the last moment to save the day?

{CB1}Lukeyman April 2 2006 11:48 AM EDT

Quiet you!

RedWolf April 2 2006 12:11 PM EDT

Or will it be one of those stories where Dark and Leon didn't really die, and they come back later as Jon's minions? :-P

BootyGod April 2 2006 1:16 PM EDT

Or maybe one of those Super Rare stories you get... where people who die.... stay dead.... nah sorry Lukey I didn't mean to insult you originality like that ;)

QBPixel Sage April 3 2006 1:46 AM EDT

Hey look, its me! *points*

AdminShade April 3 2006 11:27 AM EDT

why aren't I in here? >.<

Ammon [The Black Tower] April 3 2006 11:44 AM EDT

Very nice lukey *wonders if he should make a CB story or not*

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 3 2006 1:40 PM EDT

At least you have been in one Shade, the little git hasn't even mentioned me as a meaningless background character after seven whole installments!

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] April 3 2006 3:07 PM EDT

that was not an honorable death liar.... :P no it was a good chapter though

sssimmo April 3 2006 9:01 PM EDT

Travelling to see Jonathan, making friends on the way.

/me is waiting for Julie Andrews to make an appearance and start singing "...follow the yellow brick road".

Great story Lukey, keep it up.

[Jedi] Danludar April 3 2006 9:40 PM EDT

Yes the great story teller Lukey or should i say the Cutest Lil Carnage Canuck. Anyways lukey i love you stories and i can't wait for #8!!!!
i think you should add your old buddy dano into it though *wink wink*

sssimmo April 4 2006 1:35 AM EDT

For the record, Julie Andrews was not Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 4 2006 1:41 AM EDT

Julie Andrews could come and sing "The hills are alive ..." if you want her to. :)

Stephen April 4 2006 1:45 AM EDT

That tramp Julie Andrews will do anything for money
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