SNK3R/G Beee Deal. (in Public Record)

SNK3R April 26 2006 4:31 PM EDT

SNK3R will give G Beee $500K CB on May 17, 2006 if he will not smoke a cigarette, or any other substance (e.g., cigar). Currently, he's at day 16, but this is a little more incentive (not that he needs any) for him to continue his discontinuation of smoking. G Beee does not owe SNK3R anything if he does not accomplish his task.

Please confirm.

AdminG Beee April 26 2006 5:17 PM EDT

Hehe, I saw the title of this post and wondered to myself if I'd been playing CB drunk again as I couldn't remember discussing any deal with you lately. Then I remembered that I've also gone 16 days with having drunk only two bottles of beer, so I couldn't have been drunk (even Shade's not tipsy after only 2 bottles).
All this abstinence of late is surely redressing the karma balance after years of indulgence :)

The thread and offer of cash incentive took me by surprise and is just another indication that the generosity of SNK3R knows no boundaries.

I'll take that bet and double it if anyone can get my wife to quit smoking too !!

This isn't the thread to give her "motivation" but anyone can feel free to mention it to her in chat and CM if you wish :)

InebriatedArsonist April 27 2006 3:31 AM EDT

Between quitting smoking and cutting back on the ale, you'll have plenty of money to invest in Lorenzo, Beee.

As long as you manage not to spend it on the golf course...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 27 2006 4:50 AM EDT


No more drink?!?!? Well, the break will be good for me. :) Next time we go drinking, your tollerance might have lowered to my level, and I won't be going home early! :P Just say you ain't going T total though... ;)

Good luck with stopping smoking, I know how hard that can be. The NHS service (if you get it up in the cold north) is quite good.

QBJohnnywas April 27 2006 4:56 AM EDT

Smoke, drink, be a bit fast lane about it all. After all a million people who don't drink or smoke die every day.

In all seriousness best of luck with this one mate. Giving up Nick O'Teen can be very hard. But easier with your country's non smoking laws now! Did you know that it's legal to smoke in a public submarine?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 27 2006 10:36 AM EDT

:D All you gotta do is carry your own personal sub into a pub! ;)

QBJohnnywas April 27 2006 10:42 AM EDT

It makes interesting reading the list of where smoking is allowed in public buildings in Scotland since the smoking ban.

You are allowed to smoke in allocated areas in mental hospitals, laboratories (so they can still carry out animal testing with cigarettes) and adult hospices. Submarines in the Royal Navy are all smoking, and so are certain interview rooms in police stations.

AdminG Beee April 27 2006 10:49 AM EDT

For the record guys, nowhere did I say I had stopped drinking.

Sheeze, you'd be as well to shoot me now if that was the case. I've just "slowed down" on the alcohol for a little bit. The temptation to smoke is magnified when I have a beer in my hand and that's the reason for my little period of alcohol abstinence.

AdminShade April 27 2006 12:04 PM EDT


"so I couldn't have been drunk (even Shade's not tipsy after only 2 bottles)."

Who said anything about 2 bottles? :p

SNK3R May 17 2006 9:11 AM EDT

SNK3R (Nascence) G Beee (Lorenzo) $500000 9:09 AM EDT

Congratulations! 39 days is quite an excellent start.

AdminG Beee May 17 2006 9:19 AM EDT

Thanks for the additional encouragement :)

I have to say that it did play a part, especially during my weaker moments late on a Friday or Saturday night with a drink in my hand.
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