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Unappreciated Misnomer April 30 2006 12:54 AM EDT

anyone care to elaborate, ive gotten many views of what it means and what its meant to do for nintendo's strategy to stay alive, your 2 cents?

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] April 30 2006 12:57 AM EDT

I haven't kept up in the news so much. But is it true that We, or Wii, is the name that they will use for the Revolution? I first heard it and thought it was a joke. "We should play some Wii!. Wee wee!"

SNK3R April 30 2006 1:26 AM EDT

I heard about this from my brother a few days ago. He claims that "Wii" (pronounced "weeeee") will be the name for Nintendo's console. I thought it was really stupid because if I saw that, I could immediately say "Whyyyyy". Anyway, I think they chose "Wii" because of the international way of how people say things. Don't ask me, but I think it's crazy. In addition, he said something about how the two i's represent two people, so they may use that in their graphic slogan for advertisement. I'm not definitely sure about any of the above, but that's just what my brother said. Yes, he frequents GameFAQs quite often.

Gilgamesh2090 [NCB Shop] April 30 2006 2:04 AM EDT

It was nearly heart-breaking that Nintendo named their revolutionary console "Wii".

Understandably Nintendo is in a global market and wanted their new system named so that everyone around the world could say it. I believe they used Wii to show unity around the world and that is was "a console that everyone could play". Nevertheless, Nintendo was supposed to come out with a product that was going to revolutionize the console gaming world - Why didn't they stick with the name "Revolution"? With a name like Revolution I would at least consider looking at their product and possibly buy it, but with a system named "Wii", what am I going to say - "I am going to go play with my new Wii"? The name Nintendo picked for their newest system was a mistake.

Generally Nintendo has catered to younger audiences while Sony, their largest competitor, has catered to all audiences. They should have tried to shake this generalization of Nintendo products in general with the Nintendo Wii, starting with the terrible name. One of my friends remarked how the Nintendo "Wii" sounded "Sony-ish". Makes since though - there are leaders like Sony and the people who try to keep up - like Nintendo. Aside from an awful name, the Nintendo Wii has a sleek look, a revolutionary controller, and a fully backward compatible system where you can download old Nintendo games all the way to the original Nintendo and some other games like Sonic from Sega even.

But this is negated by other things. The Nintendo Wii will NOT support HDTV unlike the PS3 and the XBox 360. If the controller flops as the name already has, what will be so Revolutionary about it then? It will be able to play old Nintendo games with better graphics? Please, emulators do just as well.

Finally the price and timing of Nintendo will most likely, in addition to their other mistakes, cause the Nintendo Wii to be the final gaming system Nintendo comes out with, I believe. They are deliberately pricing their system lower, so I have been told, than other main competitors systems. I suppose this is due to a market penetration strategy but I believe this will work against them. Psychological pricing will play a role in the market shares their system will get. They could price their system so low that consumers will think "why is this so cheap if it is supposed to be Revolutionary? If it is cheap it must be junk." Nintendo will probably release around Christmas when the PS3 comes out - who will win? PS3 will, and Nintendo will sink.

InebriatedArsonist April 30 2006 2:07 AM EDT

I'm betting this is a marketing ploy.

Alternatively, I'm betting that the people who approved "Wii" are desperately in need of an intervention.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 30 2006 2:08 AM EDT

perhaps you can suggest someone IA?

AdminShade April 30 2006 9:09 AM EDT

Wii is something everyone can pronounce, hence the international theme...
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