deifeln's friend dave on college humor (in Off-topic)

deifeln May 2 2006 2:31 AM EDT

dave singing an acoustic version of Usher's "Yeah" with a loop pedal His design portfolio Find the hidden stuff!

good ol]Newmcyo May 2 2006 5:48 AM EDT

That was hilarious. I loved it.

Maelstrom May 2 2006 8:09 AM EDT

Well, he's not bad, but I've never heard the original song, so I don't see the humour...

Mem May 2 2006 8:26 AM EDT

Well, the loop pedal certainly did make it seem funny at first, but after that I didn't really see it as all that humorous. Your buddy has some talent though. I'd never heard that song before, and I'm not usually one to listen to Usher or that type of music, but I really liked that.

AdminShade May 2 2006 11:33 AM EDT

At first hilarious indeed, later on thumbs up for his performance! :)

{CB1}Lukeyman May 2 2006 3:12 PM EDT


That was so amazing!!!!!!!!!!

{CB1}Lukeyman May 2 2006 3:12 PM EDT

He has the same name as me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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