Quick Explination need admins to read. (in Public Record)

Cylo May 7 2006 3:54 AM EDT

My son, Pyro, is going to start playing cb2. He played cb1 and actually told me about the game. We both played cb1 at the same time and was never a problem, and we can do the same here. We never made deals with each other, and even when my son quit cb1 he gave his stuff to other friends or sold to other people so that we would never look like cheaters. I am only making this post because I want to make it clear at the very beginning that he has decided to play since it's almost summer and he can be online more and he has seen me playing and I think he has caught the cb bug again.

If there is any problem at all, please inform my char Cylo so I can know about it immediately so I don't have any problems with fines or anything. Thanks all.

AdminShade May 7 2006 8:05 AM EDT

wb Pyro :)

QBOddBird May 7 2006 9:40 AM EDT

I see confusion coming in here between your son Pyro and my friend Pyro that will both be playing =P

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] May 7 2006 2:52 PM EDT

i missed pyro...tell him to hurry up and get on!!! lol

PyroMan May 7 2006 3:52 PM EDT

ok finally got my e-mail thing done. cool dragon you still play. yep this is my name and i'm playing again cool cya everyone and hey shade i can't believe people remember me lol
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