I'm not using the name Seran because... (in Off-topic)

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] May 7 2006 11:16 AM EDT

*sigh* See title.

*starts pounding the crud out of himself*

[admin edit: please try to make your thread title shorter -- Shade]
"I'm not using the name Seran because it's the name of a brand of plastic wrap, darn it!"

th00p May 7 2006 11:17 AM EDT

/me wraps Seran up with himself. Hahaha!

AdminShade May 7 2006 11:26 AM EDT

shortened title name, it's annoying to see a half broken active threads page.

Maelstrom May 7 2006 11:29 AM EDT

What are you using the name Seran for then?

Mem May 7 2006 1:02 PM EDT

I still see that awesome yellow rectangular box every time I see your name...

Timberwolf May 7 2006 1:57 PM EDT

I assume you are referring to 'Saran Wrap' with an A not an E.

Mem May 7 2006 2:09 PM EDT

Same difference.
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